Traders Elite Signals Have An Impressive 85.71% Winning Rate!

By in Forex Signals on January 21, 2018

Try Traders Elite Signals RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Download My Binary Code simple trend following system FREE that made $111.6K in 66 days. Will this be the month you succeed in FOREX? It’s been 7 weeks since Traders Elite opened their new signals service and they’ve just announced a very impressive 85.71% winning rate. In the last 7 weeks, they’ve documented 6 weeks with significant positive gains and only 1 week of modest loses.. that’s a winning rate that any trader with a realistic expectation would be extremely happy with.

The truth is that no individual, group, robot, or corporate trading house can claim 100% wins…and these guys are no different.. but what’s cool is that they’re totally honest and transparent about their results and their goal of providing members with consistent gains over the long term, not the short-term.

Consider joining today with a 60 day trial and make April the month you triumph; They’re anticipating some great weeks ahead so if you’re ready for a genuine service that’s dedicated to generating positive results, give them a try and stick with experienced traders rather than chasing the next greatest robot.

They’re also adding some new improvements this month by popular demand like a VPS Metatrader trade copier so you can rest assured, you’ll be part of a community of traders that are focused on achieving positive long term results as well as dedicated to improving all aspects of their service. With 60 days money-back guarantee, secure your membership today while they’re still accepting new memberships.

Traders Elite team: We want to thank everyone for their feedback and support last week. We have an exciting week ahead and look forward to generating some good results for our members. We are pleased to advise that version 3 of the Trade Copier is now available and can be downloaded in the members area under “My Downloads”.

Because of the feedback we had from so many members last week, we significantly tweaked the Copier and added a new really cool feature allowing you to reissue all the recent trades. The Copier now also automatically logs in every 3 minutes just to make certain that it is receiving the most current data. Additionally, we now have resolved the issue that some of you were having with VPS so overall, the system is even better than before.

We have also created a new template for your use which can also be downloaded from the My Downloads page in the members area. Demo Mirror Trader accounts are now available so you can test the service on demo accounts and you can register a demo account in the members area under “Mirror Trader”. Also, we’ve added a PDF guide on how to select Traders Elite to your portfolio so it is now ready to add if you have not done it yet.

Finally, we will be releasing three new strategies this week; Profiteer, Price Flip and Pivot Swing Trading. Our service has always been built around a team of traders and strategies and we look forward to doing our best to generate excellent results for all our members. Please download and install the new copier as soon as possible so you can take advantage of this weeks trades.

Because of the seriousness of some of the issues we discovered last week, we would like all members to install the new copier prior to accepting new trades therefore we would like to give everyone a little time to do so before this week’s trading starts.

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