The Forex Trader. Part 2

By in Intro to Forex on January 29, 2020

Working conditions of traders

Many people are bribed by simplicity of work in the market Forex, but it doesn’t accept weakness, laziness and sloppiness. The trader constantly should study behavior of the market, should be organized and attentive. He should work constantly over himself; constantly improve the art to trade. Without it only casual achievements which, most likely, won’t repeat in the future are possible. The trader is the person who constantly struggles with fear, greed and temptation. The one, who already traded on real money, will understand what it means.

The person trading on financial market, always is under a psychological press which presses on mentality with such force that not everyone will sustain this pressure. The emotional component in trade is so great that if not to accept any measures on a protection of from this component it is possible to pay with money and even health. There are many methods to reduce an emotional component or even in general to get rid of it. One of them is to use mechanic trading system.

Mechanic trading system for the aid to the trader.

The mechanic trading system allows excluding emotions during accepting of important decisions. The mechanic trading system will never fluctuate at closing of the unprofitable transaction. Development and testing of mechanic trading system is led in the quiet conditions that allow thinking over all to trifles. All it allows the trader to keep the health and money at trade on real to the account. Because actions of the trader using mechanic trading system are reduced only to start of system and tracing of correctness of its work, and all the rest are done by system. On this site you will find set of ideas of trade, set of various strategy, and also examples of mechanic trading systems which you can use for trade.

Different traders – different lines of thought to trade.

At each participant of the auctions the approach to trade and the rules is different One trade in a day – intraday traders. They can make to ten transactions a day. Others – investors, as a rule, make some transactions for a year. But all of them can be broken into four groups differing on a method of the analysis of a trading situation in the market conditionally.

Traders using the technical analysis.

The first group includes those who uses technical market research, thus use technical indicators, the candle analysis, the wave analysis or graphical constructions (figure) on price schedules, and also artificial intelligence methods. It is, probably, the most popular group. And it isn’t surprising, since there is a large quantity of the accessible information under the technical analysis and any beginner can learn this kind of the analysis.

The basic idea on which the technical analysis – studying and the analysis of behavior of the price by means of technical indicators is under construction, by means of construction of graphical figures on a drawing of the price and other methods of the analysis. Some consider that the market repeats, and the behavior of the price in the future can be predicted, studying its behavior in the past.

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