The Disciplined Trader Institute And The 10K To 1MM Trading Formula

By in News Trading on April 6, 2018

Take the video tour of the Disciplined Trader Institute. Discover the 10K To 1MM Trading Formula. Download these News Trading Cheatsheets by Henry Liu FREE. Tour The World’s Leading TRADING DISCIPLINE Facility…Here is the Last Word on Trading Discipline (Amazing!)…Go Backstage: The Best Trading Discipline Training Just Got Better…Imagine a training program that would transform you from a trader who struggles to stay in control of your emotions, making the same mental/emotional mistakes over and over… and over again…to a CONFIDENT trader who has ice-in-the-veins control to run your trading plan with consistent, ongoing profitability? The Program I’ve just described DOES exist…

“The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program”

The great news is that Norman Hallett, founder of The Disciplined Trader Institute, has just completed a TOUR VIDEO of their Online Training Facility…so that you can go backstage… and see EXACTLY how and why traders in 42 different countries have made the transition from Trading Struggle to Trading Success…In my opinion, The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program is very effective in turning trading FEARS into trading STRENGTHS because they’ve divided the training into 3 parts…

1. Basic Training… they spend a week making sure you know the mechanical basics of trading…things like getting your trading plan and risk management approaches right.

2. Intensive Training… after the Basics, the real “transformational change” starts. They give you proprietary mental trainings to take online to make sure you THINK and ACT in ways that are beneficial to the successful traders.

3. Then an YEAR of Support… where you can continue to directly ask your one-on-one questions to Norman Hallett and his staff of Experts in Trading Discipline, where you
are part of a community of successful traders…in a special “Graduate Site”.

If you could use more SOLID discipline in your trading (and who doesn’t?), then you have to check out what Norman and his staff are doing to transform traders from struggle to success. Take the Tour of their Disciplined Trader Training Facility…

For those of you who don’t know, the 10K to 1MM project is, as the name implies, a project about going from 10K to 1 million dollars. Henry will give you all the signals via email, sms and in a live chat room, with specific entries, targets and stop loss levels. Today you can join him when he is hosting a free webinar where he will share all the details about the program. I suggest you join him and see what the buzz is all about.

Henry Liu, the NewsProfiteer: Quickly, I just wanted to let you know that 10Kto1MM is LIVE…The last time 10Kto1MM was launched, 400 seats were sold in the first 60 minutes… I expect to sell out the entire lot of 200 available seats in the next 48 hours, if not sooner. Don’t forget the 30 days no questions asked policy, so if you want to part part of this epic journey, don’t delay.

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