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By in Day Trading on December 4, 2018

Meet the Seven Summits Trader Mark Soberman. Download these Swing Trading Confidential Files by Mark Soberman. Watch this weird 30 minutes Stock Trading video just now. Mark Soberman: Yep, you heard right – we’re wasting no time and getting right to the good stuff starting Monday at 5pm Eastern. Don’t worry if you can’t attend live… we’ll be recording all sessions and making them available for download and streaming access immediately after each class. Once you register, you’ll receive your Options Live Owners Club logins where you’ll see the exact class schedule and how to access the online classroom on Monday. (I cannot wait to get started!) In case you didn’t know, here’s what included with the Options Live Training:

* 4 Full Weeks of Start-to-Finish Options Training taught totally live, where you can ask your own questions after each session. From the Basics (calls, puts, American vs. European styles, pricing models, time decay, open interest, volume, etc) to the Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega) to the more advanced options strategies and Think or Swim Platform tutorial– you’re going to learn it all.

* 4 Complete Options Strategies that you’ll utilize with your system right off the bat. Coaches Mike and Bob will take you by the hand and walk you through each strategy and apply it to your own system (whether you use ours or someone elses!). We did the time-intensive testing and retesting of these strategies on our own using our own actual money so you’ll have in your hands truly successful and dependable options strategies

* Member’s Only Options Live Owners Club built in a brand new, community driven back-end, the Owners Club doesn’t cost you a thing and includes full recordings of each training available for streaming and download), bonus walk-throughs, tutorials and super hot stock picks from your Options Live Experts! This Owners Area is a treasure trove for traders wanting to hone their options skills (and we hope you’ll use it to your advantage).

* Detailed Weekend Updates from Coaches Mike and Bob themselves. Located in the Owners Club, these Weekend Updates will recap the week of trading as well as comment on the market outlook in the future. These analyses are just another way we try to do the work for you so you can benefit quickly without having to do the labor-intensive research all by yourself.

* Dedicated, Ongoing Support til you succeed and have mastered this training. We are here to answer your questions, not just sell you a training and leave you in the dust. Drop us an email or give us a call if you find yourself stuck – that’s what we’re here for.

Whew – that’s a mouthful. But since this is the first debut of the Options Live training, we wanted to go all-out and spare absolutely no detail. And because it’s the debut, we priced it as low as it’s ever going to get. So don’t wait… you don’t need a specific trading system to utilize this training and trading options is the quick, no-muss/no-fuss way to trade those still-so-lucrative stocks while *limiting your risk substantially*. Class is in session starting this Monday! Here’s where to register: Just make sure you get in ASAP… only 6 seats remain right now and once they’re taken, that’s it. If you missed the Demo & Release Webinar for Options Live last week, be sure to watch the replay here. It takes you through the entire training, from start to finish!

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