Omega Trend EA Plus The Omega Trend Indicator Provides A Low Risk Strategy For Trading Market Volatility!

By in Forex Systems on December 9, 2012

Try the Omega Trend EA Plus the Omega Trend Indicator on your demo account for 30 days. Download This 100% Accurate Forex Christmas Strategy FREE. Omega Trend was built specifically to detect and exploit session-spanning trends. Omega Trend will detect the trend and signal the correct entry, take-profit, and stop-loss levels. Here’s the good part… Omega Trend EA has a built-in Acceleration Factor that snaps its dual trendlines to the market to prevent reporting lag between your EA and actual market conditions. That’s just one of the tricks that Omega Trend EA has up its sleeve. I could go on about its Dual Trendline / Dual Strategy feature, or its Dynamic trading signals and more… But I’ll leave that for you to discover –Don’t sit on this one too long – they have a killer price that I’m predicting won’t be this low for too much longer!

I just read a thread in a popular Forex forum about the new Omega Trend EA software. It’s got traders who specialize in the EUR/USD market pretty excited. Many of them have already downloaded Omega Trend EA and are impressed by what they’ve seen so far. I’ve been waiting for a great trend-following EA for some time and Omega Trend EA fits the bill: Here’s why:

  • Omega Trend EA has been tested in live trading with real cash. It’s ready for prime-time.
  • Its Dual Trend/Dual Strategy system gives you two excellent trading strategies for the price of one. You can trade both strategies or one at a time
  • Its proprietary Acceleration feature insures that you are trading with real-time information that’s finely tuned for the most volatile markets.
  • Dynamic Trading Signals updates your take-profit and stop-loss levels according to market volatility.

There’s simply nothing like it on the market. Here’s something that has me particularly excited…For years, I’ve been waiting for a bulletproof strategy for squeezing the most pips out of “long trends”.

Traders have always worried about how to exit a trend-following trade without losing their shirts. Omega Trend EA solves this problem.

I’ve added this nifty EA to my toolbox – you should too. It looks like the doors may be closing on Omega Trend EA.

Traders are snapping up copies left and right. For good reason. If you are serious about squeezing every pip out of the EUR/USD currency market, then you need to trade with the Omega Trend EA tool. Here’s why…One thing you can bet on is that there will always be a profitable trend in every session. It may last for 5 minutes or span the entire session. There’s money to be made while the trend exists. The trick is when to enter the trade and when to exit. Volatile markets make these decisions even trickier… Unless you own Omega Trend EA…I want you to check this software out for yourself. You can’t beat its:

  1. Dual Trendline/Dual Strategy feature that gives you two powerful trading strategies for the price of one
  2. Accelerator Feature that delivers precise real-time trending data based on market volatility
  3. Dynamic Trading Signals that adjust take-profit and stop-loss levels in real-time (a god-send!)
  4. Automatic and manual trading options

And a ton more. Take a look – It MAY still be selling for a great price… There’s an amazing guarantee on the software, so you won’t be risking anything…

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