It Is Impossible To Be The Successful Trader? What’s The Problem? Part 2

By in Intro to Forex on July 16, 2019

So if you think that your trading just goes not the way it should and you don’t know what to do s you definitely have to read this article, too.

If you have these symptoms of losing trader so possibly you have insufficiently seriously approached to trade. It is the same work, as well as many other things. Not better and not worse. And for it as well as for many specialties it is necessary to study. It does not need to study for seven years, as the surgeon, but too long enough. You should approach to a question more thoroughly. Begin anew, with a blank leaf. Sometimes so it turns out that one step is two steps forward back. Take any good book on trading for beginners. Read it from a crust, to a crust even if you consider that know all. Repeating is a way to the top. But, I assure you, for certain there will be many white stains in consciousness with which it will be possible to fill. In an ideal at book perusal it is necessary to make the abstract in your note book. When you write down from book important points, the consciousness is as though focused on this information and it remembers it. As at hand-written input of the information you include a small motility in process and make active additional resources of your brain. Has difficult written, but it really works – take a word! Having read the book (books), it will be necessary for you to be specified with personal trading strategy.

It is impossible to trade successfully using at once some indicators, analysts-advisers and the intuition. All sources will pull a blanket on themselves, often making opposite recommendations. And if you are going to wait, when all (including stars and prophetic dreams) will specify in growth or, say, falling can stay all life out of the market. Personally I very often meet such traders. They constantly wait, when the trading program will specify where it is necessary to enter the market, and “stochastic” will confirm, and then and then someone else will tell that crisis has ended. Only then they also will purchase. It is not necessary to be afraid and wait. It is necessary to trust and act.

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