Important Facets Of Trading On The News.

By in Intro to Forex on September 23, 2016

Each trader knows that when Forex news is released, market sometimes becomes uncontrollable and unpredictable, and therefore not everyone is able to trade in this period of time. Someone is waiting for more opportune moment, someone does not like to trade on the news – everyone actions in his sole option. In our view, trading at the time when important Forex news is announced is very appealing. Remarkableness of this type of trade is the opportunity to get huge profit for a very short period of time. It is sufficient to know some of the peculiarities that characterize the market in such periods, and have the ability to think analytically, to predict the development of the situation.

How does economic news Forex impact the market?

All large institutions, except for a few, always provide a schedule of economic data. One of these institutions is the FRS (U.S. Federal Reserve System). A large army of analysts makes their predictions, resulting it is emerged a single system of views according to the development of the situation.

It is shown up the so-called expected level, which in its confirmation will be considered predicted in advance, and that is why, if the news has not brought a surprise, the market will respond to it quietly. But in that case, if the news turns out to be unsuspected, i.e., will not match the bold forecasts, it can lead to impetuous movement in the currency market.

In order to predict correctly the movement of a particular currency pair at the time when the news Forex is announced, you must explore beforehand what the news has a strong influence on the currency pair. For instance, the publication of data on the number of primary applications for reliefs may affect the U.S. dollar. In addition, the foreign exchange market can “explode” during speeches the behavior of the foreign exchange market in the absence of important news, and you certainly will come to the conclusion that the behavior of currency pairs is predictable to a greater degree. But at the time when the news Forex is published, the market may experience short-term “explosion.” This “outburst” is thanks to the above-mentioned imbalance between the actual data that were released and the expected data. And in this moment some traders use this situation to their advantage, and it should be said, use very effectively.

How to pick up effectively the time for the trade on the news?

The standard mechanism of distribution of economic news looks like this: first, the information is received by staff of the major news institutions, which then transmit the data to these agencies, and then they begin to retransmit news, and then other organizations that bought the right to relay news start to rebroadcast them. That is, in fact, between the announcement of most news and the moment when it becomes accessible to the masses there is a definite time period.

Currently people are looking for additional or even primary sources of income as never. World economy is still in tough condition, and to find a well-paid job is not that easy task. And forex is one of the ways to earn some money. To trade successfully one needs to know events on the market, so forex news is of great help here. Those who don’t know where to receive forex market news can make use of the web network. Just type “forex news trading“, for example, in Google or other search engine and you will get many news sources to choose from.

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