FX Currency Control A Step By Step 10 Module Video Training Guide Plus FREE 14-Day Trial Into Forex Trade Plan Alerts

By in Forex Systems on March 16, 2021

Download this FX Currency Control Step by Step Video Training Guide that comprises of 10 modules for $18 only. Watch these 4 Forex Profit Model Webinar Recordings By Josh Schultz FREE plus download his 2 systems FREE. These 4 Forex Profit Model recorded webinars are: 5 most common mistakes, which system should you trade, killer trading system Part 1 and Part 2. Watching these 4 recorded webinars can help you a lot in becoming an expert trader.

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With the FX Currency Control Guide you also get 2 week FREE trial of Forex Plan Trade Alerts that includes expert commentary by Forex Joe. Most traders fail because they don’t have trading plan. Forex Joe has a track record of making 1000+ pips since January 2012. Get this service and you have the potential to make the same solid results. With the Forex Plan Trade Alerts this is done for you. Just login each evening, see the alerts and trade accordingly. These are the 10 video modules that you will download with the FX Currency Control Guide:

Module 1: What is Forex and why now is the best time to trade Forex.

Module 2: Money Management-How to effectively manage your money in order to stay in the game for a long term.

Module 3: Forex basics that includes a breakdown of the 24 hour marketplace plus the trading sessions and a different way to look at the price.

Module 4: Trading Types-What type of a trader are you, a scalper, day trader or a swing trader?

Module 5: Support and Resistance-What is it and how to draw these Support and Resistance Lines correctly.

Module 6: How to identify trends, how to draw the trendlines correctly and how to use them effectively.

Module 7: How to develop your daily trade plan plus you get a trade plan checklist called, “Daily Regimen For Live Trading.”

Module 8: How to trade the Average Daily Range, break vs. a bounce, how to trade them off of support and resistance plus a trading strategy called, “Asia High, Asia Low.”

Module 9: Trading Mindset, why traders lose money, manage your expectations, eliminate emotions and learn how to organize your trading strategy.

Module 10: Place trades, identify support and resistance levels, how to use Forex Joe reports, watch actual trades being placed and see the results.

14 Days FREE trial of the Forex Trade Plan Alerts

Forex Trade Plan Alerts is a done for you service. You can try it FREE for 14 days when you download the FX Currency Control 10 module video training. In the Forex Trade Plan Alerts service, you will get a daily trading plan, featuring full market analysis, trade recommendations and expert commentary by Forex Joe. This includes Forex Joe’s Daily Report with his proprietary Bias and Key Levels, Channel Information and Support and Resistance Levels for 22 currency pairs. You will also get an opportunity to look over the shoulders of Forex Joe and see exactly what he’s trading.

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