Forex Striker Has A +6564.77% For EURUSD And +40345.77% For GBPUSD While Forex Striker Pro Has Incredible +1009.99% For EURUSD!

By in Forex Systems on March 1, 2021

You can try Forex Striker RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Watch this 22 Minute video FREE that shows How To Make 100+ Pips With A Small Drawdown of 3-5 pips. Why not invest in using Forex Striker products? Two EAs specifically will be available for launch: the Forex Striker (trades EURUSD and GBPUSD) and Forex Striker Pro (trades EURUSD). Also available will be one-on-one personalized customer support with live chats. Four years have been spent developing these EAs, and these robots have produced outstanding trade results. Forex Striker has a +6564.77% for EURUSD and +40345.77% for GBPUSD while Forex Striker Pro has incredible +1009.99% for EURUSD.

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These two EAs act as a unit for each other – when one takes a losing trade, chances are the other one will take a profitable trade. Working off of a system of functional truths, anyone can earn money with Forex Striker Robots. It’s no secret that many trading strategies are profitable with substantial amounts of initial trading capital invested, ranging from several thousand to several million dollars. Yet it’s not something one can expect the majority of the general public to afford, thus, for Forex Strikers, a minimal investment of only $500-$1000 per instrument (currency pair) is required.

Forex Striker also has an amazing compatibility with many important trade issues. Designed for a platform offered by multiple brokers, and completely compatible with this platform, Forex Striker Robots are conflict-free and their users can easily switch between one broker and another. Compatibility with both instant and market executions isn’t a problem either for Forex Striker. The 4-digit and 5-digit pricing is simple for Striker Robots, being comparable with both forms of pricing. The US CFTC (The United States Commodities and Futures Trading Commission), recently introduced new restrictions and regulations for Forex brokers including: a 1:50 maximal leverage limit, hedging trade prohibition, and the FIFO rule (where trades need to be closed in the same order they were opened). Forex Striker bots are fully compatible with these restrictions, and carefully trade in accordance with them. No need to worry whether you are following regulations, because Forex Striker bots do it all for you.

In particular, Forex Striker temporarily stores the SL/TP (stop loss/take profit) values with a broker’s terminal and forwards them onto the broker’s execution venue only when it is the right time for a trade to close per Forex Striker’s strategy which allows for both complying with the FIFO rule and the hedging restriction as well as ensuring the strategy’s proper use. Reversing the leverage limit, to your advantage, protects you from a risk of a margin call, but also, decreases the average drawdown on your account. After a careful scrutiny of the maximal leverage limit imposed by the United States Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, this innovation does not hinder Forex Striker’s performance for the American customers, and makes it increasingly safer for you to trade.

Trading around-the-clock with Forex Striker, you will never find yourself in a situation when open trades cannot be filled by the brokerage due to insufficient liquidity at the times of their opening and closure. Using a day-trading strategy, not an after-hours one, this aspect ensures sufficient liquidity at all times, no matter what the current situation on the market is and how many people are using Forex Striker. Also, stringent anti-crash measures have been implemented with Forex Striker. If your computer, VPS, broker, or Internet connection experiences an outage (be it even a permanent irrecoverable failure), Forex Striker can be immediately restarted from a different computer on the same account. It will recognize the open trades it had opened from the old computer and will proceed with the trading (in particular, with trailing and adjusting their SL/TP values along the market’s moves) like nothing happened, ensuring that your trades are still being carried on and decreasing your amount of worry the moment a computer happens to crash unexpectedly.

Accounting for simultaneous open trades on the other currency pair, Forex Striker also won’t produce a cumulative margin call on your trading account where both currency pairs are simultaneously traded. For this reason, Striker bots account for simultaneously opened trades on the other currency pair and adjust the lot size values of the trades to be opened on the other pair, so that no cumulative margin call will occur. Moreover, as different brokers have their servers in different time zones, Forex Striker automatically adjusts to any given broker’s current time.

Another feature of Forex Striker is its anti-spike protection. Spikes – rapid price jumps within one market tick that do not reflect the actual price movements on the external market – are a major issue. Under the law and by any ethical standards, brokers are required to and usually do compensate a trader for any losses as a result of a spike. However, a trader usually needs to prove their loss has been a result of a spike which is not a problem for those who trade manually (a simple screenshot will suffice) but a huge problem for those who use automatic trading algorithms 24/5. Therefore, Forex Striker has a function which regularly checks for you the current stop-loss (SL) and take-profit (TP) values of all open trades and prevents the open trades from closing when the price rapidly jumps within one market tick and creates a huge deviation from the recorded current SL and TP values.

Piracy is a very large issue when dealing with software also – however, Forex Striker’s anti-piracy protection system prevents its code from being publicly distributed to and by unauthorized third parties. A small portion of Forex Striker’s code (namely, the user’s unique authentication code, AuthCode, which is assigned to them at purchase and emailed to them with their purchase receipt) is placed on a server and then matched with the value manually entered into the AuthCode field in Forex Striker’s settings. Once these values match, the message “Authenticated” is displayed on the currency chart and Forex Striker starts trading, which allows for you to have protection while using the product.

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