Forex Profit Predictor True Story-How A Trader Beat The Market Big Time Using Rocket Science And Made $2 Million In One Day!

By in Forex Systems on January 13, 2021

Watch these shocking Forex Profit Predictor videos by John Rawlins. Take this Cracking the Forex Code Course by Mario Sant Singh that shows how to develop the FX Edge that makes 8,652% gain from just one single trade. Forex Profit Predictor True Story: How a trader beat the market big time using rocket science…Time travel for traders? (And what it means for Forex)..Proof: Trader correctly predicts the DOW over last 10 years…Trader makes $2 million in a DAY using space age software…Finally – rocket science software can accurately predict ANY market…Can a Rocket Scientist and a Former Floor Trader ‘Outsmart’ the FX market? What if you actually COULD predict any market’s future direction and be RIGHT most of the time? And imagine making $2 million dollars in one DAY by going short BEFORE a massive crash…

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Not because of dumb luck or ‘rolling the dice’…But having a supreme degree of confidence going into the trade, and knowing ahead of time that you were right. Sounds like a pipedream, I know… Yet that is exactly what happened when a former professional trader had a chance meeting with a brilliant aerospace engineer, and then they used real ‘rocket science’ to accurately forecast ANY market. The results have been almost unimaginable.

He’s been hauling in huge gains since the 1980’s for his private clients… and for himself. In fact, this guy PUBLICALLY predicted just about every major swing in the stock market for the last 10 years straight in a major trading magazine… As in BEFORE it happened… He was even able to rake in $2 million in a day. It’s a jaw dropping true story! I highly recommend you see and hear this for yourself: If THIS doesn’t get your blood pumping, I don’t know what will. Let me know what you think.

What would happen if you took a truly gifted scientist; a man known unofficially as the ‘Father of Stealth Technology, and teamed him up with a former professional trader, a few supercomputers, and 30 years worth of testing and research? And a 20 year+ track record of extreme success in all markets? And NOW, for the first time EVER, an opportunity to use this private technology in the Forex markets?

How reclusive trader cracked code to EVERY market…I can’t argue with a DECADE of public predictions…What does ‘Stealth Aircraft’ technology have to do with trading Forex? I guess every trader dreams of looking into the future to see what the market’s gonna do next. Even if you could do it ONCE it would be worth a fortune, right? That’s why the video I sent out sparked a flood of emails to come in like crazy… In case you missed it, you need to see this for yourself…

Turns out a reclusive trader named John and his friend the aerospace engineer named Seth applied actual rocket science to predict every major swing in the Dow for the last 10 years. Skeptical? I almost didn’t believe it, until I found out John published his predictions IN ADVANCE in a major trading magazine. It’s all a matter of public record. That got my attention. And it should yours. So watch this Forex Profit Predictor video now and get the whole story: Remember the massive market crash of 2008? (Who doesn’t!)

Imagine being short for THAT massive move… Well, John PUBLICALLY predicted the downturn… well ahead of time. And that was no fluke…He raked in a cool $2 million on a massive sell off way back in 1989 as well. As you can imagine, John’s built up some very loyal clients with predictions like these…In fact, one of his private fund trader clients turned $700k of his own money into $10 million in just ONE year.

So if you missed this Forex Profit Predictor video, go check it out now… It’s somewhat ‘unusual’ and a bit controversial. So it may not be online very long. I KNOW accurately forecasting ANY market seems like a pipe dream. That’s what I thought – until I saw John’s PUBLIC record of predicting the DOW for 10 years straight…You decide. It’s all explained here in the Forex Profit Predictor Video by John Rawlins…

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