Forex 5 Stars Indicator Makes 2,000 Pips Per Month Trading 6 Pairs On H1, H4 And D1 Charts!

By in Technical Indicators on February 7, 2012

Try the Forex 5 Stars Indicator RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Download this Ultimate Forex Formula Trend Stalker System FREE. As it was promised, the latest Forex HIT from Rita Lasker and Green Forex Group has just been launched – FOREX 5 STARS System is live now! This is long-awaited product that allows to earn up to 2000 pips (= up to $20,000 by using lot size 1.0) in a month. Judge for yourself: You can use ANY currency pairs, H1, D1 and D4 timeframes.

If you’ve been in FX for a while, you’ve undoubtedly run across Rita Lasker. She’s had a steadily growing fan base for some time now. Rita and the Green Forex team have put out some great strategies in the past and everyone has been waiting eagerly to see what she’d do next. Well, here is it! It’s called the Forex 5 Stars system! Anyone who knows about Rita knows that this lady is a REAL trader. She doesn’t believe in complete automation, she’s very hands on and believes that the way to make trading really work for you is by learning everything about it.

This is not an automated system. It’s more of an alert system…which spot trends with incredible accuracy! But, it’s still up to you whether or not you want to take the trade. Imagine bringing almost $20,000 in one month trading 6 pairs! (1.0 lot). This is a good, solid trading package for people who are looking for REAL success on the markets.

NOTE: They are offering an unprecedented 50% discount for customers and TWO SUPER BONUSES, but the sale will last only until February 1st, 2012. I just got my own copy. Try it risk free! Forex 5 Stars indicator has been built in such a way that the user will need absolutely no experience or knowledge of the Forex Market, or any other market in that case. These are the live trading results of Forex 5 Stars Indicator from Jan 2 to Jan 21 2012:

EURUSD: Total 10 trades, 8 winners, 329 pips
USDJPY: Total 8 trades, 7 winners, 431 pips
GBPUSD: Total 12 trades, 9 winners, 302 pips
USDCHF: Total 13 trades, 9 winners, 299 pips
CADJPY: Total 12 trades, 8 winners, 211 pips
NZDUSD: Total 11 trades, 9 winners, 388 pips

Rita Lasker on the new Forex 5 Stars Indicator: This is the ultimate message about Forex 5 Stars System that was recently launched. Today just for few more lucky hours we will give away this incredible 50% discount with the TWO FREE super bonuses. The OFFER CLOSES at 11.59 pm EST time. All the details, SCREENSHOTS, and real traders’ opinions about this product you may find on the Forex 5 Stars site. You have a little time to decide if you would like to get advantage of this offer. In few hours we will set the regular price $149 and take off the bonuses.

My personal note: Usually when I really like something I am trying to share it with my best friends. I had almost to fight with my Sales Dept to make this EXTRA sale of Forex 5 Stars. They argued that none of the products should cost SO LITTLE and certainly they were against the free bonuses. BUT! I know how hard is to earn each dollar you have and I insisted on the 50% discount… Please feel free to write me back at any time. I would love to help you.

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