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By in Intro to Forex on March 12, 2019

Each person who, anyhow, is connected with the exchange market would wish to possess possibility to expect the future events. That, in turn, is the big complexity. Forecasting of quotations of currencies represents much more difficult process, than forecasting of any other economic indicator.

If someone wants to expect the future tendencies in a course change of currencies, first of all, it is necessary to understand a rate of inflation the next months. How much the country open economy, so all forecasts will be dependent on a rate of inflation.

In general, it is possible to name 4 main approaches. 1st and easiest of them is to present that after a year the exchange rate remains at the same level, as now. The given assumption is based that currency exchange rate increase possibly so, how much also lowering. Especially it is very much impressive.

2nd approach leans against efficiency of activity of financial markets. We will present that the bond in USD gives profit at a rate of 5 % annual, and the bond in pounds sterling GBP brings 7 % of the annual. Clearly is that the financial market expects identical total profit under those and other bonds. Otherwise the interest rate under bonds, whose total profit is expected more low, will increase to fill losses. A consequence of it is possible to expect further currency exchange rate growth in which less profitable bond was nominated. The market aspires to make even total profit. The given approach is more reasonable, than 1st, however as a prediction too doesn’t approach.

The essence of 3 approaches consists in how the exchange rate should change that the economy has come to an equilibrium state, first of all from a position of achievement of a stable paying balance. How much method FBER – fundamentally balanced exchange rate actually is suitable techniques of forecasting of tendencies in the exchange market or it only vain hopes – a question rather disputable. Anyhow, the forecasts created by means of method FBER, leave much to be desired.

4th method also is based on fundamental idea of balance of economy. He assumes that the currency exchange rate should change so that to equal the price everywhere where they are used. The given method, instead of incomes on financial assets, is based on parity of consumer capability (PCP). This method submits high hopes in respect of good long-term forecasts. However in short-term forecasts it is absolutely useless.

There is also a method which was offered by the representative of department on monetarist policies of Bank of England, leans against model of the intermediate period. This approach says that change of currency exchange rates the certain insurance on risk reflects a difference in interest rates . The main attention in this method is given to a level of unemployment. The increase in a level of unemployment strongly lowers an exchange rate.

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