A Regular Market System For Creating Wealth In The Markets

By in Trading Tools on November 7, 2018

Several things have happened earlier this decade in the market where this stock exchange system would of kept you safe. We’d the notorious Dot com bubble, the housing bubble then the biggest economic breakdown we have ever seen.

As I sat there and watched numerous CFO’s preach concerning the stability of their firms, their price charts were telling us a significant different story. Thousands, if not huge numbers of people were playing a small amount or no retirement as they invest their belief in the hands from the greedy.

Why is it people is capable of doing 40 – 60 hours per week after which just give their capital away for someone else to look after?

When do we start taking some responsibility?

What if I told to you there was this type of system, a stock market system which would gaurantee that you are always about the proper side of the market.

What initially got me into stock trading 10 years ago was the perception that there is a system for everything; I simply needed to find it. Let me give you a good example. Who are the very best five poker players in the world? Do you wonder why they are exactly the same individuals year in and year out?

In trading they are saying 8% of those make all of the money, to be honest it’s the same 8% as last year that have been the same group from the year before…there is a system.

Every job we do is really a process, a method, a sequence of events put together to produce a desired outcome. I understand nothing about baking, but known the correct system (process) I possibly could bake a pleasant loaf of bread.

What if I told you trading wasn’t any different? Should you observe these sequence of events you have a 65% chance of the stock moving in this direction. Would you risk $500 for any 65% possibility of tripling your money or losing it all?

Winning traders go into every trade knowing precisely what they have at risk before they even place the trade on. Trading comes down to playing the numbers and money management, there you have it. Should you enter into the overall game winning 4 of all the 10 trades but your average win is 3 times bigger than your average loss, you will be successful. You do not have to to bat 100% to achieve success, the best traders are just batting around 60% and living a life-style that you can only dream of, the remainder is money management.

Learning to play the overall game may be the best decision you ever make. To possess total control over your destiny, to reside in anywhere in the world knowing all you need is an internet connection, then your in business. There isn’t any greater liberty than taking charge in your life, don’t be a victim from the times, establish your personal path and be the individual you know you can be.

Hope that helps.

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