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We offer profitable forex signals service and automated trading systems with VERY HIGH conversion rates!

  • That's right, we pay YOU each month, recurring commission of 25% on all the people you refer to us who subscribe to our monthly service.


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Your income is virtually, unlimited! The more customers you send us, the more money you can earn. Some of our affiliates receive regular monthly commission pay-out of $1,000-$5,000 (and higher) every month for referrals they made months ago.



Monthly subscription = $69.95. You earn $69.95 * 25% * 12 (1 year scenario) = $209.85 for EACH SUBSCRIBER!!!


Other services: Eur/Usd Runner v1.0


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How to Become an Affiliate

Step #1

Open affiliate account

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Once you start making sales you can log in to your account
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Step #2

Get your affiliate link to refer sales

After you open your account, simply use 'YOUR REFERRAL LINK' in your emails, website, sendouts, banners, etc.


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Forex trading signals service generates daily BUY and SELL forex trading signals, giving you the ability to make profits consistently in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES A DAY!
You don't need to know how to trade! And you don't need to be in front of your computer 24 hours a day! Subscribe now to receive daily forex trading alerts by SMS and E-Email
The formula for making money is quite simple and you are going to get this formula through forex trading signals. Make this the turning point of your life...
This service was strictly designed to help you generate income from the Forex market, regardless of your current knowledge or trading skills. We're expecting you.


When Do You Get Paid? = Monthly Payouts


Payment Day | The 1st

Payday! Well, when it comes to rewarding you for referring others to who choose to join our paid forex signal service and to achieve financial freedom, we would like to thank you generously and promptly!


We pay commissions on a monthly basis! All payments are sent on the 1st of each month for the previous month's sales and recurring customer payments. That's right! We believe in motivating our affiliates by paying them sooner, rather than later!


How Do You Get Paid? Through!


PayPal Account PayPal Sign Up

Once your total commissions reach $25 or more you'll receive your commissions instantly via (You must have a free PayPal account to receive your commissions via PayPal, of course).


Don't have a PayPal account? Consider getting one! Simply click on the link below to sign up for a free PayPal account: Sign up now!


Paypal makes it easy to pay commissions through your email address! There's no waiting for checks to clear and payment is practically instantaneous. It's safer and more convenient also. There's "no lost check in the mail," and no need to "drive to the bank" and "wait in line" to deposit your commission check. Save time and money, let us pay your commissions electronically online!


Work Once and Get Paid Again & Again


The advantages of passive, monthly residual commission affiliate program like ours is that you can REAP THE BENEFITS OF YOUR REFERRAL FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.


You can continue to receive commissions for as long as those subscribers you refer remain paying customers at

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