Who Is The Successful Trader?

By in Intro to Forex on March 30, 2020

In this article we will result some good advice which will help to cope with problem points of a trader profession “trader”, to become more professional and more successful to manage to feel more confidently in this dynamically changing market.

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Each of us dreams to become financially independent, to buy the prestigious machine, to enjoy refined dishes at favorite restaurant, to have a rest voluntarily in an every spot of the globe. But the success comes to strong, hardworking and disciplined, don’t believe in fairy tales that good luck has, constantly “sponsored” favourites. If you choose for yourself affirmation on work and education of certain personal qualities, the success will necessarily come to you.

So what is required from the trader who wants to become successful?

1. Patience. For the trader patience is a basis of bases, a key to success without which any actions in the market are simply impossible. For example:

The position is opened, don’t hasten, allow to it to “be developed, reveal, and create some profit which will suit you. If to be guided by the vicious saying that” Closing profits it is impossible to be ruined “it will mean that you go the right way to increase in a possible loss. Really, after all small profits never will outgrow in the solid. Really serious money in trade on Forex becomes as a result of one, two, well three large transactions within a year. Be able to wait a profitable position!

2. Don’t hurry up. Don’t hasten to enter into the market at any moment when it shows any activity. Show observation, think over strategy and when there will come the necessary moment, “your” moment – so be the first.

3. Remember an old saying “the Trend is your friend” – trust, it really works. Don’t try to be cleverer “than a trend, don’t try to be “hero” as you to this moment” will go towards to the basic transport flow along the street with one-way traffic “. The Bull market assumes or purchasing, patient expectation aside. On a bear market, opposite – or sell, or, besides, wait. By the way, absence of positions is a same position, and sometimes – optimum.

4. Don’t trust the first and unchecked “popular” strategy. Well for example: “All gaps get filled “or” all ruptures fill”. Here it will be more reasonable to stipulate what to fill reasonablly exhaustion gaps, and here continuation and break ruptures – aren’t present. Such examples are not rare , and each of them costs on a way of realization of your dream “…

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