What Is 10KTo1MM Trading Formula?

By in Day Trading on April 13, 2019

Discover the 10K To 1MM Trading Formula! Download these Forex News Trading Cheatsheets by Henry Liu FREE. Get this highly profitable Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin FREE. Henry Liu: I’m giving a rare LIVE webinar on Monday and it is going to answer all of your questions on the 10kto1mm program…It starts at 6:00 PM (US Eastern Time). NOTICE: I can only hold 1,000 people on the Webinar, and this email is going to over 85,000 people. I’ll be doing a special presentation on the 10kto1mm program, answer any questions that you may have, and throw in a special bonus when you decide to join… The registration for the 10kto1mm program officially opens 2 hours after the webinar at 8:00pm (Nov. 29, 2010) EST.

Why am I holding this webinar? Well, because of the time-sensitive nature of my 10kto1mm program, there is a very small window of opportunity to join (36 hours, actually), with very limited seating, and I think the best way is to hold a live webinar where I can show you how the program works, while answer any questions that you may have… So if you are even remotely interested in Forex, I invite you to join and ask questions… Or you’ll never know what you are missing out on…Webinar is free, but seatings are limited, and you must register to attend:


10kto1mm is a special trading formula that literally took me 3 years to perfect, and the goal is to turn a $10,000 account into a $1 Million account in 12 phases. The key to this program is letting profitable trades run, compounding gains, money management, and breaking it into small goals (the 12 phases)…10kto1mm was originally launched on August 23, 2010, and even though the first goal took longer than expected to complete, we’ve finally done it and now we are ready to start the second phase in December.

Because of the design of the 10kto1mm program, everyone must start at the beginning of a new phase, therefore there is a very short window to join this program, and if you have been waiting during the past 3 months to join, now is the time…


I offer a 30 days No-Questions Asked Guarantee, and you can request that anytime during the first 30 days… However, as far as performances, this is Forex and the very nature of Forex trading is risky… You should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. As a matter of fact, if any Forex program ever offers you any kind of “performance guarantee”, I’d say run the other way as fast as you can… It is just not realistic… My formula is based on years of observation and working with my students live, and while I am confident to say that it will work, I cannot make performance guarantees… For more information, please read the disclaimer posted on the site.


Every week I look at the market and try to determine the best entry based on my formula, I then issue the signal via Email, SMS (text message), and post the signal in the membership area. The signal will also show up in the Live Statement, which is a statement of my LIVE account (real money) which follows my 10kto1mm formula. And as of the end of September, I’ve installed a Signal Copy system that works with MT4 platforms. So if you have a MT4 broker, you can just install this software and my signals will be posted on your platform automatically… So if you are at work or unavailable, you won’t miss any trades or updates…


Make sure you attend my LIVE webinar on November 29, 2010. I’ll try to answer all of your questions live, making sure there are no unanswered questions when you join… Remember, seating for the LIVE webinar is limited, and you must register before you can attend on Monday.

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