What Are Investor Passwords? Watch This Leo Trader PRO Video Tutorial!

By in Forex Signals on November 18, 2020

Watch this Leo Trader PRO Video Tutorial. Discover a Forex Robot that mhas made more than 3,400% NET PROFIT since it started trading live from 1st Jan 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% and more. Download this award winning Forex Trading System that made 2,956.16% in just 1 month of Surefire Trading Challenge. Our friends over at Leo Trader Pro have just released a very nice video that explains all about Account Investor Passwords! This is a good one! See it here…Why have we been making such a big deal about Account Investor Passwords? Simple…It is the ULTIMATE proof in the FX trading business! These are Leo Trader Pro’s current stats:

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** 113% profit per month
** Almost 500% Net Gain to date
** Less than 1% Drawdown!

But how do you KNOW that this is true?! That’s what the problem is with the industry today. 90% of FX vendors are going to show you charts that say “enter here” and “exit there”…but you know what? Hindsight is 20/20. Backtests and demo forward tests, doctored account statements…it’s all a steaming pile of BS.Check out this video – it explains everything!

If the performance of any of those conventional rule based bots was what the vendor claimed it was, they wouldn’t even HESITATE to offer you the Account Investor Password.

THEY DON’T! Why? Because you’d see the REAL performance of those bots…and it’s nothing to write home about! Trading with those kinds of bots is nothing more than gambling, that’s what your odds are. In fact, it’s not EVEN that! When you flip a coin you know you’ve always got a 50/50 chance of being right… but with forex…the patterns evolve, they’re constantly changing. Rule based bots are built on OLD data…so you’re probably going to get a winner 5% of the time! Which brings us back to … Account Investor Passwords!!

It’s the ONLY way to PROVE the performance of any strategy, robot or system. We’ve had a lot of emails asking us to explain more about Account Investor Passwords, so this video should explain everything that you want to know. By the way, in case you missed any of Leo Trader Pro’s stuff… The videos from the International Traders Expo, the interview with Jani Hjerppe and their exclusive report are still here…It’s not going to be long now! Monday morning 9am EST – Leo Trader Pro goes LIVE!

I know this has got to be the worst possible news you can get right now, but I just got a call from the guys over at Leo Trader Pro and it turns out that they’ve decided to postpone the first public offering of Leo Trader Pro. Why?Well, it’s sort of because of US!

Over the last week they were averaging about seven to eight thousand visits a day, and if you recall from the PDF that they sent out yesterday, they said they could easily accommodate 10,000 people using Leo Trader Pro at the same time. What they COULDN’T handle – was the 78,351 visitors that flooded their site in the last 24 hours!

Yeah, over 78,000!! So, I told them that’s it’s a going to be a huge disappointment to my subscribers because I already told them that they could get Leo Trader Pro today!! And, well, the way they put it…it’s kind of hard to disagree.

Wouldn’t you rather buy something and have it WORK on day one…rather than pay for something and have to put up with slow performance and server time outs etc etc? So, they said either they launch at 100% power and can satisfy every single one of their customers or … they don’t launch at all. True to form … they don’t like half measures.

So, from me, and from the guys at Leo Trader Pro, please accept our apologies for the delay. It’s just a day’s wait really…because it’s friday tomorrow, and then the weekend…and you don’t really count the weekend anyway! On Monday – You’ll be able to get your hands on Leo Trader Pro as promised! They told me that they’re upgrading the heck out of those servers and they’ll be ready to rock and roll to the tune of 100,000 concurrent connections by Monday!

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