Use Of Forex Robots In Trading.

By in Intro to Forex on April 5, 2020

Advisers FOREX – are very convenient programs which can automatically work, i.e. without direct participation of the trader – it is only demanded a broadband access to the Internet. It is possible to transfer all deposit to in the order of the adviser, or to apply it as the assistant who will give signals on the set conditions. Thus, this is a ready mechanical trading system or FOREX adviser who is watching the developing situation at a stock exchange in search of signals on opening or closing of a position and informs the trader about it at the moment of signal receipt.

Possibilities of language MQL4 are almost boundless in a part of robotization of the trade. The trader with initial knowledge of programming can independently code the necessary algorithm which will be a good assistant in work. The possibility to create own advisers Forex, indicators and scripts will help to keep a considerable part of time if for the trading decision it is required many mathematical calculations or the analysis of several schedules on different time frames is used at once. In terminal MetaTrader4 there are built in advisers Forex. They don’t enjoy a wide popularity among traders and are created more likely for demonstration of possibilities, than for serious trade.

Terminal MetaTrader with the advisers built in it as a rule is given gratuitously by Forex brokers, sometimes named Forex clubs or dilling centers. Such good possibilities as automatic trade (and advisers Forex have been conceived partly with that end in view) reduce a question on the human factor and presence of the trader behind the terminal practically to zero. And all is good, but there are also minuses and essential enough. First, errors in a program code are supposed even by professionals that can adversely affect balance. Secondly, some advisers Forex cannot give desirable results that it is possible to correct optimization, i.e. selection of the best parameters for the indicator. But optimization may give, eventually, the set of false signals when the market will change the fixed tendencies or will leave in flat movement. And, thirdly, if trading strategy is based on numerous short-term deals, there can be problems with the broker, up to switching-off of possibility of use of the automatic auctions.

It is necessary to notice that not all brokers and Forex clubs concern positively to the trade by means of mechanical trading systems. Advisers Forex – are irreplaceable assistants for the trader but it is necessary to use them with mind. It is better not to trust the balance to the program if doubts in its working capacity aren’t excluded completely, and, even otherwise, it is necessary to be reinsured once again – at first to check up system on the demonstration account or on the history of any currency pair. Thus the answer to a question – whether advisers are necessary for the trader – the trader answers by himself, depending on presence of experience, time and ability to address with the given tool.

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