Ultimate One Day Swing Trading Strategy!

By in Day Trading on December 17, 2019

Meet the Ultimate Swing Trader Mark Soberman and download his Swing Trading Confidential Files FREE. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Try these Forex Signals from two top gun traders. Mark Soberman: I’ve been getting a few questions on account size and the Ultimate Swing Trader… is it possible to trade with a smaller account? If so, will the system trade as lucratively as it will with a large account…The short answer is, heck yes. I recorded a fast 7-minute video showing you what it’s like using the UST (in particular, my brand new One Day Swing Trades feature) trading micro minis. While I *always, always, always* stress good risk management, following the system, your micro minis can bring in nice, consistent wins.

Will you turn your $1,000 account into $10,000 in a week’s time? Not a chance – and you should be skeptical of systems telling you they can. With the UST, I promise you’ll steadily grow your account while increasing your lot size and protecting your hard-earned capital all the same time. And as if it couldn’t get any better, I’m actually putting a 500 Pip Gaurantee on my One Day Swing Trades! If you don’t make *at least 500 pips* in your first month of trading, I’ve gotta insist that you return the Ultimate Swing Trader for a full refund.

Hey times are tough and money doesn’t just grow on trees, which is why I don’t want you to keep a trading system that’s not working for you. 13,000 pips tell me that the UST is strong, successful and long-lasting…and that once you start trading the system, you’re going to be in it for the long-haul.

I’m going live “officially” on this Monday – that’s when you’ll be able to register and get started with the famous 10 minute swing trade strategy so definitely mark your calendars and set a reminder. I’ll have more info for you about that in the coming days… in the mean time, if you’re stateside enjoy your Thanksgiving. We just wrapped up with our very first Options Live training class on ‘Options Basics’ and man, did we have a *ton* of questions! But that’s a great thing – if you’re a beginner or someone who’s never actually traded options before, Options Live is a great place to start. We thoroughly cover the fundamentals so when we do get to the more advanced strategies (aka: where the real money-makin’ begins), you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why.

Next class is scheduled for today, Tuesday at 5pm Eastern… and it’s not too late to jump on-board. We were able to open up a few more seats for those interested so definitely take advantage. Don’t worry about missing the first class – the recording is posted in the Options Live Owners Club! So you can get started right now, watch the replay and then jump right into class #2 that begins today. Seamless, right? I’m getting ready to close registration for the first-ever Options Live Training Class… we’ve got 6 seats remaining *and class starts this Monday* so shake a leg and get yourself enrolled!

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