UFX Bank A Leader In Forex Binary Options Trading

By in Binary Options on November 29, 2019

UFX Bank, a Forex Option broker, is developing a reputation as a leader in Forex Options Trading. Traders can now profit from over 40 currency pairs, commodities and new cutting-edge binary options.

Binary Options Trading has been simplified to either “Up” or “Down” to denote a deal closing above or below the specified contract amount. UFX Bank traders have the potential to have a return of up to 72% on a correct option. An attractive feature of this innovative platform is the bonus received for an incorrect prediction. A loss still renders users a 15% return on their original investment.

In addition to Forex Option Trading, one of the great features of UFX Bank is that they also offer traders the option of trading in commodities. The last few years have seen huge fluctuations for oil, gold, silver and other commodity prices. This is an amazing opportunity which allows traders to get in on a market that enjoys considerable movement.

UFX Bank (options broker) use ParagonEX as their platform of choice. This is an advanced and highly reliable user-friendly web/browser based platform that provides accessibility through their website. UFX Bank provides the most up to date charts and feeds which is essential to success in this industry, as any professional trader knows.

Through the UFX Bank website clients have access to tutorials, daily outlook videos, daily market updates, trade recommendations, tips, and strategies. This is extremely popular and can be very useful to market participants of all levels. Gold and platinum clients also have additional features available to them, such as live market alerts and market signals sent via SMS, to name a few.

Additional features and benefits UFX Bank provides its customers:

No commissions and no fees
Fixed market spreads
Over 40 Currency Pairs
Commodities trading
Binary options trading
$100 Minimum deposit
One-on-one chat with Forex experts
Remote assistance and personal coaching
Advanced site security
Customer support available 24 hours a day
Great selection of payment options

Being comfortable with the process of trading currencies is as important as knowing what to buy and sell. This is why, at UFX Bank, we offer our clients the opportunity to try our demo platform.

Think of it as learning to ride a bike with training wheels on and no falling off – guaranteed. You will be able to learn our platform and make real-time trades without any risk, and ultimately you will enter the market as a more experienced and confident trader.

Remember though, like riding a bike, you will eventually need to take the training wheels off and experience the thrill of riding on your own power. When you eventually sign up for a real trading account you will also receive benefits and features like our daily recommendations, market updates, and more. If you sign up for a real account today, you can receive up to an additional 30% welcome bonus in your account!

Forex Options Trading platforms like UFX Bank have raised the standard with state of the art innovation, leading the online trading industry through simplicity, service and low risk.

To learn more about UFX Bank, please go to UFX bank

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