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By in Day Trading on April 18, 2020

Test drive the Currency Cashflow Machine RISK FREE for 90 days. Watch these shocking Macro Millionaire videos. Ask one question from Russ Horn on his Forex Master Method and win a FREE iPad 2 plus download Candlestick Patterns Recognition Software and Line Trader FREE. Mike Maffei: It’s not as easy as determining what percent of your account you’re willing to risk per trade – i.e. higher risk per trade does not equal a greater return even with more winners than losers.

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It was very humbling to see how that strategy will cause you to lose money in the long run, even wipe out the account. I also know I can’t produce nearly the results of the elite account managers you have working with you. And, I honestly don’t have the time, patience or knowledge compared with your resources. Those that are successful know the best use of their time is often to delegate tasks to others that can do it better.”

DOC: I agree with you 100% about knowing what to delegate. When I was struggling to come up with the perfect money management system for my bank order flow trading, I knew I needed help. I ended up bringing in one of the “rock stars” of the money management industry to help me develop my money management, and that made all the difference in the world.

I hope your FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to Currency Cash Machine will make a big difference for you, too! Joe made one of the sharpest, most astute comments out of the over 4,800 I received on both videos.

“There is no system that will produce zero losses. In fact, you could make a fortune losing on majority of your trades. I spent all my time focusing on a magical entry price, when in fact it was managing risk that was the secret.

But that was just one piece of the puzzle. Every system has a magical number, an optimal risk parameter that would maximize profits. After realizing this, I laughed and cried for hours. You could literally trade any system, as long as you risk an optimal amount per trade.

I have to say, after watching the first video, i was a bit skeptical…. But after watching the second video, I’m sold. You seem to have solved the “magical entry price” by only trading with the big money and you seemed to have also determined the optimal risk parameter for your system. Now it makes sense how you can make so much money. You sure have one hell of an edge.”

JOE: You “got it” immediately! Because of that, you’re getting a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to Currency Cash Machine.

Congratulations to all our winners. If your name is not on this list, don’t worry! Starting tomorrow you’re going to be able to demo Currency Cash Machine – either in a demo account or live account – whichever makes you most comfortable. If you’re worried that my bank order flow trading system sounds “too good to be true, ”you don’t have to take my word that I turned $10K into $100K in a little over a month and $50K into $750K in 1 year. See what Deutsche Bank has to say. See the account statements Deutsche Bank prepared detailing the profit/loss on every single trade I made.

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