TradeRush – A Binary Options Scam

By in Binary Options on May 3, 2018

When it comes to trading online you should be very carefully to avoid being cheated. There are a lot of binary options trading scams sites online persistently trying to cheat you and run away with your money.

Binary Options Trading is also known as fixed return options trading or digital options trading, and it is simply a trading platform that allows any investor to predict whether the market is going to go up or down. As binary trading is getting very popular among the investors, many websites are being launched to provide online trading services. One such website is TradeRush.

TradeRush is a platform that offers online trading management. When you join TradeRush, you are promised to get first-rate costumers support and service, which is able of providing about 75 % maximum returns on its exclusive 60 second trading option. That sounds great, isn’t that? So we decided to test this site to see if it’ is actually a reliable money making method or just another scam site.

As soon as we signed up, we noticed that you have to deposit the minimum of $250.00 to start trading. After 10 minutes we received a strange call from an unknown person. She presented herself as Amy, a senior analyst form TradeRush. She firstly asked how much money we plan to invest. When we explained her, that we have no experience in trading and we will invest only the minimum required, she came out with an amazing one time offer.

She wanted us to deposit up to $1000.00 to get their special bonus and be eligible to some extra trading tools, which well help us make enormous amount of cash. We were told that binary options are considered as something new on the Internet and require training. We kindly rejected her offer and told her that we need to think about it, and we will get back to her after we decided the next step to take. This strange and unexpected call made us think, so we did some further researches.

To sum it up, once you register an account on TradeRush and invest the minimum amount of money, you will begin earning immediately. But after the first three days of happiness, you will start losing every penny.

The system of 60 seconds trading option is modified to attract people who want to make easy money. Once they invest the money on this site, they let them win for the first days to look like a trustable money making site, in order to steal their money later. If you will request a refund, they will quickly release a statement told that they won’t take any responsibility for any action you done through their platform so you won’t get your money back. A lot of bad reviews have been written about them, especially when it comes to withdraw the money.

For more information please visit our site moneyproof or read the entire article about traderush.

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