Tom’s EA Special Report- Tom Flora A Former Fund Manager And CEO Of An FX Brokerage Speaks Out About Forex Robot Hype

By in Forex Systems on November 26, 2020

Read this special report by Tom Flora FREE and download Tom’s EA FREE that makes a monthly gain of 30% with a drawdown of 4.38%. Watch these Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software FREE forex training videos FREE that show how to reduce risk to zero in a trade. Read this Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Report that shows how to make between $20K to $50K per month with your forex robot portfolio with almost zero starting capital.

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Why robots fail to perform…No B.S. Report about robots, now available…you’re going to love this Special Report on why trading robots fall flat most of the time, and how to tell the winners from the losers BEFORE you buy them. Don’t get sucked in by the hype ever again. Just take 5 minutes NOW to read this awesome report from Tom Flora: How does the author know? Well, he happens to be the CEO of a FX brokerage and he is a former fund manager, and has been trading FOREX since 1999. This guy knows his stuff.

It’s not often you get to hear directly from a brokerage insider who is a successful trader, so you definitely want to take advantage of it. The report is only going to be online for a few days, so you definitely want to take advantage of it now. Hurry before they take it down. With so much B.S. in the FOREX space, you’re going to find this candid report to be very eye-opening – like a breath of fresh air.

The hidden secret of trading robots…New report reveals why almost all robots fail…have you flushed away money on trading software? Here’s why…did you know that before any new trading software or robot is conceived, it’s potential has already been determined IN ADVANCE? There’s a ‘hidden’ factor that practically nobody knows about, and once YOU know it, you’ll never get fooled by trading software again! Click this link and read this new special report to learn how to tell the GREAT software from the bad:

Get This Candid Report Now…It’s called ‘Why FOREX Robots Fail to Live up to Expectations, and How to Actually Realize the Promise and Potential of Using Technology to Make Money in the FOREX Markets’. Written by someone with an intimate ‘insider’ knowledge of the trading work, this report will open your eyes. Read it and then let me know what you think. You might be shocked! At the very least you’ll be fully informed from this point forward so check it out…The vast majority of trading software is ‘bad’ – the trick is to identify the small percentage that actually works – once you discover why you’ll never get duped again.

There’s going to be a pop quiz on this report, so you better study it. Just kidding! But I guarantee your net worth in a year’s time WILL reflect what you did learn by reading this report (or did not learn by ignoring it) so go check it out now. Yes, now!

So many robots, so many losers? Why?..uncommon, insider info…did you read that Report? If not, you had better read it now while it’s on your mind. Did you know that dozens of trading robots are brought to market each year, and virtually none of them have withstood the test of time? Here’s the unvarnished truth about why this is the sad fact, and what you need to know to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones. This is uncommon, insider info, so check it out.

The author is Tom Flora, a veteran trader, former fund manager, and a really nice guy. Check out this comment someone left about the report: Coachwdavis said: “I am impressed with Tom’s commitment to excellence in trading.”

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