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By in Forex Systems on May 5, 2020

Discover the Seven Summits Trader. Download the Forex Master Method Candlestick Patterns Recognition Software, Line Trader and the INFOcator FREE. Test drive the Currency Cashflow Machine that turned $50K into $750K in 12 months RISK FREE. Norman Hallett here from The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program: If you’ve ever met Mark Soberman, Founder of Netpicks, you know he’s a conservative guy, even to the point of being very soft-spoken. For several years running, I used to fly out to Las Vegas and speak to his students on trading discipline during their annual meetings… and Mark is DEFINITELY conservative…

So, when he called me to tell me that he was presenting to the world a former Rockstar turned successful trader, and wanted TJ Noonan (the Rockstar) to share some of his insights… well, I was surprised. I just downloaded a series of short audios of TJ being interviewed, and played them during my cardio session this morning at the gym.

NOW I see why Mark is introducing TJ’s “7 Summits to Trading Success” … exposing WHY the majority of traders lose and HOW to fix it. If you’d like to download these audios, as I did, just go here. It’s complimentary…

Mark Soberman: Hey, I’ve been getting a few questions on the Seven Summits Trader (the system we’re using in all of our video lessons). While a good system is really just one component that makes a truly GREAT trader, for those of you who have emailed and called in, the Seven Summits Trader could be a perfect match for many of you. See a live demo here… Specifically, who is the SST ideal for?

~~~~> Traders that *don’t have* alot of time to trade (day job? kids? personal life? no problem.)

~~~~> Traders that *don’t want* to spend alot of time trading (thumbs up other priorities!)

~~~~> Traders that need something easy to learn but can grow with them as they advance in technique (hello, money saver)

~~~~> Traders that don’t want to be locked into one market or one time frame (no need to buy multiple systems)

~~~~> Traders that are sick of robots and other ‘mechanical’ methods of trading (we call these things scams.)

And of course, the SST is great for those looking for SOLID, CONSISTENT and lucrative wins on a continual basis. I can’t answer all of your questions here… BUT I can hold a special event just for you. A Live Demo of the Seven Summits Trader where myself and Co-Developer TJ Noonan can walk you through the system, show you the indicators, teach you a mini-lesson and answer all of your questions in one fell swoop.

I urge you to get your logins in advance- the SST has been off the market for quite some time so I know this demo is going to be pretty popular. Live demo starts just as the market opens, this Monday (May 11th) at 9:15am Eastern (New York Time). Whether you’re looking for a new way of trading or just need some advice from a few seasoned traders (we’ve been in the business for over 15 years), make sure you’re there on Monday!

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