The Seven Summits Trader Facebook Contest Winners And FREE Coaching Session!

By in Day Trading on April 14, 2020

Meet the Seven Summits Trader Mark Soberman. Download this Swing Trading 101 guide. Test drive the Currency Cashflow Machine that turned $10K into $110K in 30 days RISK FREE for 90 days. Mark Soberman: If you’re ready to try something new, something simple and something *that works*, bookmark the following page and come back tomorrow morning, bright and early to get your spot in the next Seven Summits Trader class. The Facebook Contest winner will be announced on that same page in tomorrow’s video so just remember to bookmark and check back in the morning!

It’s ‘Go-Time’: The Seven Summits Trader is officially back on the market and open for registrations! Here’s where to get all the details: Don’t forget to listen in to find out who won the Facebook Contest and last but CERTAINLY not least, the Fast Movers Bonuses available to the first 25, 50 and 100 traders that register (these giveaways are GOOD).

I’ve got the guys around here scared that I’m giving away the farm but hey, at least no one can accuse me of being stingy! Anyways, not everyone can get all the bonuses but while they’re still available (or should I say, IF they’re still available), might as well get ’em while you can. I’m so stoked to finally have you see this – let me know what you think!! And congrats to the Facebook Contest Winner!

Ideal for the new trader or those just needing some extra support as you learn a brand new strategy, this Coaching Session allows us to give you the ‘white glove’ service to ensure our success and mastery of the Seven Summits Trader.

(Traders who opt for a Coaching Session often find themselves better equipped to trade the SST and generally see greater success in the long term.) Our coaches will go over the key elements to producing a top-notch trade plan – giving you in-depth actionable steps on how to see the results you deserve. Specifically, your coach is available to review…

~~~> The Set-Up Process (indicators, platform, data feed, etc.)
~~~> The Best Currency Pairs & Time Intervals to trade for YOUR needs
~~~> Money Management and Creating a Personalized Trade Plan
~~~> Giving You Techniques on How to Master the Mind Games

… not to mention answer any and all of your own questions. Think of this call as your own personal trainer for your trading fitness. We’ll evaluate, diagnose, and give you great advice on how to whip your trades into tip-top shape.

What can you expect after the call? A firm direction and a lean, mean trading plan ready to dominate the markets! Best of all, our Coaches work with your schedule and you can choose to hold the coaching session via telephone OR chat session – which ever is more convenient for you!

And best of all, you get this bonus JUST FOR REGISTERING like normal. But you’re not normal of course, you’re one of the first 25 people. So shake a leg and make your way over to the registration page right now before someone cuts in front of you! You can still add on Coaching Session a la carte if you didn’t make it to the registration page in time. BUT do your best to get to it as a Bonus and skip the $250 an hour charge!

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