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By in Day Trading on April 5, 2019

Watch these 3 shocking Portfolio Prophet FREE Presentations. Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this 82 page FREE Candlestick Guide. Download this 52 page ETF Trading Guide FREE. At this point you’ve watched the video series that Bill Poulos prepared for you last week, highlighting why he believes that his Portfolio Prophet system fills the gap in your diversified investment strategy. It really opened the eyes of traders & investors as to what they’ve been missing out on by not considering ETFs. Just read the comments, many many thank you’s later…Bill is finally saying, “You’re Welcome” and letting you get this system running on your own account.

Well, even if you missed out of the training videos that showed you the method to Bill’s madness, don’t worry, because as of right now, he’s gone LIVE…and you can INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD this 35+ year trading vet’s custom software that, as Bill outlined right before your eyes in the videos last week, had the ability to spot emerging “mini trends” that appear over & over again in these markets…Bill has priced this system low enough so that pretty much everybody can sample this software. Who would not want to gain an advantage in trading and investing?

Bill Poulos: WOW! We had over 2,000 entries into the Portfolio Prophet scholarship giveaway! There are obviously a lot of people ready to take action and potentially create a safe, predictable stream of income with the help of my new program, including the Trade Alert Software.

And with only 4 hours to go before we open the enrollment form at 1pm Eastern today, Monday, there are going to be a LOT of people racing to get in. So here are the lucky recipients of the 3 scholarships. Obviously, these were NOT easy choices. I made these choices based, in part, on who I think will actually USE and implement the Portfolio Prophet. The last thing I want is for someone to just let the program collect dust! This program is POWERFUL. In no particular order, here they are:

• Heather M. (***@********
• Jim P. (**********
• Robert S. (**.*****

You can read their full entries on my training website site…Congrats! (We will contact them privately to arrange for shipping of their programs.) I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody who entered. So get ready for 1pm! (Or 12pm if you’re on my Cut In Line list.)

I’ve already decided I am NOT going to keep this program on the market for long… initially I thought I’d leave it up for a few days at a minimum, but with the overwhelming response to the scholarship giveaway, ANYTHING is possible, so if we’re overwhelmed with new students a few hours after opening the enrollment page, I’ll be forced to shut it down. Glad to have you along for the ride!

It’s time –The Portfolio Prophet is LIVE! I’ve been teaching people how to trade the markets since 2001 and from all the hundreds of comments on my training website, it looks like this may be my HIGHEST VALUE program EVER.

I also priced it low enough so that pretty much everybody can give it a shot, but I reserve the right to increase the price at any time, so if you want IN at this low introductory price, get in NOW…I’ll see you on the other side.

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