The Famous Trader Larry Williams Part 2

By in Intro to Forex on August 20, 2019

Perhaps, now there is no more well-known trader, than Larry Williams who has established in 1987 a record of the world on investment. He has shown phenomenal result: in the urgent market he for a year has transformed 10 thousand in 1,1 million dollars. Now he devotes time most part to training of traders, but frequently also enters on a stock exchange.

Larry Williams shows a typical example of incarnate American dream – fast finding practically from zero of the big condition. And even the background of reception of these riches is close to genre classics.

Larry was born in 1944 in an average American family. His father worked at oil refining factory. Its childhood has passed in a remote city Billing, the State of Oregon. Already then he has proved to be the persevering and purposeful guy aspiring to independence. Still going to school, he earned money at the same factory, as the father. After the termination of local college Larry has continued training at Oregon university. And in 1964 has received the diploma in journalism.

The post of the proof-reader in one of advertising agencies of New York became its first work. However he aspired to bigger independence and has soon returned home, where has organized own publishing. Together with the partner he has started to publish newspaper The Oregon Report shining political and economic aspects of life of staff. And this activity has pushed him to stock market.

Larry states this history in the following way: Once, having seen in the newspaper a phrase that shares of any company have grown, he has asked the friend to tell about it more in detail. The friend has explained that quotations for a day have changed on 2,5 points. And for persuasiveness has added: “It means that having taken shares yesterday, today you could earn 250 dollars”. In the mid-sixties it was enough big money. Larry has considered that anybody from its acquaintances doesn’t earn so much money in day. Therefore the idea of earning money in stock market has completely grasped it.

He got completely into dreams. Thus even in dreams he relied only on himself and has decided not to work on someone and not to use advisers. Therefore at first he has decided to understand a question properly. From newspapers Larry he switched to books on economy, stock market, the technical analysis and became the regular customer of all neighboring libraries. But theoretical knowledge it was obvious insufficiently and to learn about stock market and about trade on it as much as possible, he began to study a work experience of brokers, visiting their offices.

In case you decided to participate in forex trading should start from learning the basics of currency exchange market to make sure you do not have problems with this industry.

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