The Currency Market And The Search Of New Influences Final Part

By in Intro to Forex on August 16, 2020

Also it is well known that highly technological industries use the greatest popularity among investors. It follows from this that at change of a NASDAQ index which most of all concerns highly technological industries, there are also changes in a yen rate. For example at improvement of a condition of a NASDAQ index rather S&P, the rate of Japanese yen in relation to euro grows also.

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Now analysts seriously were engaged in studying of movement of capitals, for determination of possible changes of rates of world currencies. We will note that even considering present problems, the economy of Japan will be recovered. The positive balance will decrease in a consequence of increase of level of consumer expenses.

The growing prices for shares of those companies which enter into an index of Nikkei, will force investors of Japan to lead search at foreign stock exchanges for increase in profitableness of the investments that will allow yen to enter the market in those volumes which to allow to contain growth of a rate of yen concerning dollar.

Among capitals of traders watching movements, there is an opinion that time of purchasing of European currency comes now. Purchasing of German company Mannesmann from British Vodafone can become a push to start many changes. Under forecasts of analysts, investors should enclose not less than $5 billion in German securities, for replenishment of the European portfolios. Such events will necessarily be reflected in additional demand of European currency.

Merge between companies Vodafone and Mannesmann can exemplify other investors, from such countries as Japan or the USA. Such purchasings can take place as well among the French companies. That will lead to growth of a flow of the capital and an increase in the exchange-value of the euro. That is the euro exchange rate will start to raise for the same reasons, as because the rate decreased before.

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