The currency trader can be compared to the motorist. Laws of movement of the market and principles of its development are very similar to driving laws. For example, let take the car ride that is a very beautiful toy. Behind its brilliant cowl the powerful and productive engine is hidden. As also the finance: here

Market Forex or the international exchange market represents a telecommunication network of the banks united among themselves and other monetary institutions. Today operations in market Forex are key source of the income for banks all over the world. This market has no any certain site or a temporary restriction – all auctions begin in New

The financial stock exchange existing earlier more than half of a century ago was rather cardinally transformed. Owing to the numerous changes happening in the world in whole and in sphere of the finance in particular, the international currency market which became world renowned under title Forex – Foreign Exchange was formed. On forex it

Anyone who wants to start trading the Forex market does so with the intention to make money. Not one of these Forex traders plan or want to lose their money, but about 95% of all Forex traders lose their money. People have to know that making money through the use of the Forex trading systems

In fact, forex market is definitely a quite unique global market in its liquidity, efficiency of its system of moving money globally and also volume of all international trades. For sure, it has certainly changes the entire concept of money and currency exchange utilizing a various currency and also trying to earn income based on

Virtual and real sides of our existence are more and more erased eventually. Earnings, rest, virtual travel, automation of business, the program for medicine, the program for car-care center, accounts department, a warehouse, and new possibilities of virtual dialogue – all that is a small part of the possibilities opened thanks to modern computer technologies.

For sure, there isn’t any doubt in my own mind that head and shoulders above all existing charting methods, so called candlestick charting is definitely the best one which has been actually adopted by a big number of different successful foreign currency traders. In fact, I obviously read somewhere that every person who has really

Well, if you are actually reading our article, there is no doubt that you’ve already heard about the greatest and latest forex arbitrage software which has really turned five thousands of dollars to nearly a one million of dollars just overnight. Thus you are definitely wondering whether it is the real deal. In fact, arbitrage

Of course, it is amazing statistic that one hundred of those foreign currency traders who actually blow up their trading account really do not understand how exactly to apply good and proper trading money management. However, the sad thing is that many of such traders certainly proceed building up another trading mistake, they come back

The percentage of the Forex traders who are really successful is less than 5 per cent, regarding the fact that there are a lot of Forex traders across the world these days. This fact can discourage anyone planning to get involved into Forex trading. In this article we will discuss the most common mistakes that