That day during which time there is an expansion of a daily trading range, and the opening/closing prices place on the various ends of the given range, adjoining near to the greatest and small significances for trading days is called as day of a trend. During first 30 minutes of the auctions price range no

While dealing with stop loss, the trader should learn to determine level of its statement. It is possible to do it at the rate of the greatest possible losses, being guided concerning support levels \resistance. Let’s give an example determinations of stop loss at the rate of the greatest possible losses for one transaction. We

Also it is well known that highly technological industries use the greatest popularity among investors. It follows from this that at change of a NASDAQ index which most of all concerns highly technological industries, there are also changes in a yen rate. For example at improvement of a condition of a NASDAQ index rather S&P,

Here the next year on world financial markets the majority of experts and analysts have already hastened to name its as “postcrisis”, many problems peculiar to deep economic contraction also has come to an end, accompanied world economy throughout all last 12 months. The exchange market Before analyzing a current situation in the exchange market

The form of the organization of monetary relations at the international level, developed historically and regulated by interstate agreements, is called as a world monetary system. In other words, the world monetary system represents the currency relations organized definitely within the limits of the world economy. Currency relations, in turn, are determined as set of

Investment in foreign exchanges is rather new direction of investment activity. A foreign exchange trade also known as forex is the most profitable investment market from available. It is promoted by some factors, one of which is monthly reception of real profits of 100+1 % by successful traders. In comparison with more known investment markets,

For sure, very often a big number of individuals are going to hesitate in going into the modern forex trading according to the fact that commonly it actually carries a big amount of risk as well. And its is true, there is a big number of various trading software which is going to provide you

Do you study on your errors in trade? If it is not so, you pay too big price for them. One of costs in case you don’t study consists in that you repeat the same error many times. Other costs consist in that you acquire errors and do by their part of your individual trade.

Trade is a victory. It is something like a consecutive victory through any time. It is something like slow a growing increasing curve of the capital. Trade is also a loss. As the trader you should reconcile to inevitability of losses. When you have psychological installation on a victory, you consider trading losses as an

Without any doubt, this word – forex is actually derived from combining two other words – foreign exchange. In fact, it actually deals with purchasing one foreign currency and then selling of the other one just at the same time. Besides, over two trillions of dollars in the modern foreign exchange is definitely transfered each