StraddleTrader Pro News Trading FREE Training Webinars And FREE EA Download

By in News Trading on August 7, 2020

Download Straddle Trader PRO EA FREE. Read this Daily Trading System FREE Report that shows how to make 100-800 pips per trade with ease. Get these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE. There is no charge for either the Straddle Trader PRO software or these trainings, but seating is limited, so register now at this link: They have scheduled two webinars on Wednesday, two on Thursday, and then one daily on both Friday and Saturday, so I am confident you can find a timeslot that works for you.

The most exciting thing about the strategy and Straddle Trader PRO software is that it allows you to profit no matter which direction the market moves, plus the software quickly moves your stops to breakeven as soon as the market starts to move, so you’re protected from losses. They’ll show you numerous other ways to protect from losses too, so make sure you attend one of these webinars.

It’s great they are giving all of this away at no cost. All you have to do is show up, and use the software the way they show you, and YOU WILL PROFIT. Yes, I have been very impressed so far with this software release, so make sure you register now because space is limited and it will fill up. It’s not often that a viable, proven trading strategy makes market direction irrelevant.

That is the promise of almost all FOREX software robots, but those rarely work for more than a week, but this strategy has been going strong for two years, and the trades are quick “in and out” sessions that last seconds or a few minutes at most, but the profits are as big as any trading style could possible capture! Make sure you register ASAP because spots are limited, and this education will make you a better trader, so don’t pass it up. If you want, you can register for more than 1 timeslot, and don’t forget to forward this to your friends who trade, they will find it invaluable.

Straddle trading is pretty cool, isn’t it? Most traders have no idea the strategy even exists, but it allows you to profit no matter which way the market moves! Which is why savvy traders use straddles to cash in on big moves that follow major news announcements and everyone else misses out. Straddles can be a very, very profitable trading strategy in these volatile times…

That’s why I’m getting such great feedback from my readers who downloaded the free StradleTrader Pro software I sent out over the weekend. There were some questions about how to use the software, what settings to use, and I’ve got great news for you… My colleagues, Dustin Pass, and Barry Battista (the guys who created StraddleTrader Pro) have agreed to hold a few in-depth training webinars this week…

They are going to show you all of the most important features and settings of the software and show you how to use it in real-world trading. If you did not download the software yet, don’t worry there is a tab on the top of the registration page where you can still download the software.

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