Smart Forex Signals With A Stop Loss Of Only 20 Pips!

By in Forex Signals on September 10, 2016

Try these Smart Forex Signals RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account. Discover the best Forex Signals! Smart Forex Signals provide signals for swing trading the currency market. Smart Forex Signals provide you with the entry buy/sell price, stop loss, trailing stop loss and the take profit targets. On average the stop loss size for each signal will be around 20 pips but it will never be more than 35 pips. You can make 100-200 pips per trade with these swing trading signals that you can try for only $9.95 for the next 14 days.

This is what you should do. Try these Smart Forex Signals on your demo account for a period of full two weeks. Even though, you will get the entry buy/sell price plus the stop loss. When the trade moves into profit you will also be provided with the trailing stop loss.

Once you put on the trailing stop loss, the trade becomes set and forget. Either the trailing stop loss will be hit. In which case, you will get the minimum profit target that you had set and incase the trailing stop loss is not hit, you can continue the swing trade. By testing these swing trading signals on your demo account you can judge how good these swing trading signals are.

Once you get these swing trading signals, you will have sufficient time to enter them in a relaxed manner. Even though you can try these swing trading signals for $9.95, infact you have full 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee period. So if you find these swing trading signals good, you should further test them on your demo account for 1-2 months. If they don’t work, simply go for a refund.

Now, you can use the ADX indicator to further improve the performance of these signals. You can use this ADX filter to further improve the performance of these swing trading signals. For example, suppose you get a buy/sell entry signal. Use ADX as a filter. Only take the trade if the ADX is higher than it was the prior day. If ADX is lower than the day before, simply ignore the trading signal.

Logic behind using this ADX filter is simple. If ADX is declining, this means that the market is not trending. So using the ADX Filter, you will ignore the trading signal as the market is not trending.

Only take those trades when ADX is climbing. This will ensure that you only get into trades when the market is already trending. Using ADX as a filter like this will increase the potential size of your winning trade and reduce the number of losing trades as well. However, using ADX as a filter like this will sometimes eliminate a winning trade but you will find that it will eliminate far more losing trades. Practice this on your demo account and see how the performance of these swing trading signals improves.

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