Secret Penny Stock Formula Turns $12,415 Into $1.65 Million In Just 3 Years

By in Day Trading on March 29, 2019

Penny Stock Millionaire Program is officially open now. Download this 52 page ETF Trading Guide FREE. Watch this shocking 30 minutes Stock Trading Video FREE. Secret formula turns $12,415 into $1.65 million in just 3 years…Tim Sykes was a self-made millionaire trader before he graduated college. How’d he do it? He skipped classes, and while his peers were studying for finals, he was developing a 5 Step Formula for trading stocks under $5. His formula worked so well that he turned his $12,415 of bar mitzvah money into $1.65 million in just 3 years – that’s about a 12,787% 3-year return.
He has the audited broker statements to prove it. He even publishes them publicly for anyone who wants to see them. Today he’s sharing a video presentation with you that details his 5-Step Formula. Tim’s post-college trading career has been just as spectacular.

Barclays Ratings ranked his hedge fund—which he ran from 2003 to 2006—the #1 ranked short-bias hedge fund in the world… all three years. He’s been featured in Business Week, The New York Times, CNBC and dozens of other major media outlets. Over the last three years, Tim has continued delivering documented windfall profits, with returns of 197% in 2008… 141% in 2009… and 55% in 2010 – that’s an astounding 1,009% 3-year gain (before commissions).

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $110,900 – all during a time where the S&P 500 basically handed you 0.6% 3-year return (yes, that includes the post crash run up). Bottom Line: You really should check out what Tim’s doing – especially since it doesn’t cost you anything to see his 5-Step Formula. Grab a pen and paper and watch this video presentation right now.

I’ve noticed some really dangerous stock scams lately – both online and through the mail. In fact, there’s a good chance some of your “stock losses” over the years that you thought were due to “bad luck” or “poor timing” – were really because certain professional con-men took you to the cleaners. It’s called the “pump-and-dump.” It’s hard to detect and costs investors millions every year. I seriously recommend you do not invest in another stock before you watch this video showing you the biggest investing scams running right now.

My buddy, Tim Sykes, is on a personal quest to expose these con artists for the crooks that they are. In this video, Tim shows you exactly how the “pump-and-dump” industry works. You’ll walk away knowing how they trick investors into buying worthless stocks and how to spot when a “sure thing” stock is really a pump-and-dump scam in disguise.

With this info you’ll never get taken again. And, he even tells you the names of some of the rip-off artists. Taking a few minutes to watch this video now could save you from losing your shirt to some of the most dangerous and hard-to-detect stock scams on the planet. By the way, let me warn you right off: Tim has a direct, off-the-cuff, no B.S. style that some find offensive. Don’t get me wrong: Tim’s a genuinely nice guy, but he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to exposing these rip-off artists.

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