Russ Horn Answers 7 Questions In Detail About His Forex Master Method!

By in Intro to Forex on May 16, 2020

Download the Forex Master Method Candlestick Patterns Recognition Software, Line Trader EA and INFOcator FREE plus win a FREE copy of the Forex Master method by asking just one question from Russ Horn. Forex Master Method is about to unleashed. Don’t miss your chance to get a FREE copy by asking one question to Russ Horn and win a FREE iPad 2. Discover the Forex 4 Seasons Informer by Rita Lasker. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. The Forex Master Method comments section has been a veritable hive of activity all week! The reason why? Well, it’s mostly because the top 4 questions are going to win one of four great prizes. A copy of the Forex Master Method, an Ipad 2, a $500 account or an Amazon Kindle.You can still enter the competition here: Now, the second reason why it’s been so busy is because you very rarely get the opportunity to pick the brain of a trader like Russ Horn.

Today he’s taken the 7 most popular questions and answered them in as much detail as possible. This is fantastic feedback! You may be surprised at some of the answers…check it out here: Don’t forget, if you haven’t downloaded the tools that Russ put up during the week. Get them NOW!

** The Candlestick pattern recognition software

** The MT4 Line Trader

** The INFOcator

These are invaluable tools and I don’t know how much longer they’re going to be available, so make sure you get them today! That’s all for today, the Forex Master Method will be made available from Wednesday the 1st of June! Remember, there’s only 750 physical copies and they’re almost certain to be sold out on day one!

Since this Monday the comments section has been VERY busy on the Forex Master Method website. The main reason for this is obviously the competition, but it’s also because people actually do have very important questions that they want REAL answers to.

Today, Russ answers, in detail, the top 7 questions that he’s received. Check it out: This is a great Q&A because the 7 most popular questions are what 99% of traders are concerned about. He addresses topics like consistency in trading, emotions and money management amongst others.

Anyway, the reason that people submitted their questions is because the top 4 questions will be in line to win a copy of the Forex Master Method, an Ipad 2, a $500 account or an Amazon Kindle. If you haven’t entered, you can still submit your question right here: Don’t forget that the downloads are still available but they might not be for very much longer.

There’s the Candlestick pattern recognition software, the Line Trader and the INFOcator. They’re all fantastic tools so make sure you grab them while you can! The big day is on the 1st of June, that’s this coming Wednesday…stay tuned! If you get just one tool, make sure it’s the Line Trader!

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