PortfolioProphet Software-The Indicators It Utilizes And The ETFs It Chooses To Grow Your Portfolio!

By in Day Trading on February 24, 2019

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Anne from Lisbon asks: What indicators do the course & software utilize?

The Portfolio Prophet uses a handful of common technical indicators, because let’s face it, that’s all you need. There are hundreds of technical indicators available today, but in my experience having more than a couple common indicators as part of your trading strategy only serves to mislead you because the tendency is to believe that the more indicators you use and the more sophisticated they are, the better your trading will be. Nothing is further from the truth. Most traders fail to realize that there is an inverse relationship between the number of indicators used and success of the trader. Simply put, the more indicators you use, the less likely you will be successful. The reason is simple, more indicators means more opportunity for mixed messages and loss of discipline.

The key is to use a handful of common indicators, but apply them in an uncommon fashion. That is what we built into the Portfolio Prophet. This way you rely on a few, very trust worthy indicators that will help identify opportunity and remove the emotional aspect out of the equation. You don’t have to think twice about it anymore, you always know what to do.

Matt from Ft. Lauderdale writes: Why so few ETFs to choose from?

There are over 1,000 ETFs available for trade in the marketplace right now and more being added all the time. We limited the number of ETFs in our program because not all of the available ETFs are suitable for trading.

A good number of them are low volume, or brand new with no historical data, or have a track record of not trending in a deliberate fashion. That kind of ETF is too risky to trade. So what the Portfolio Prophet does is monitor that entire universe of ETFs and picks out only those that are higher volume, have lower volatility, have a historical data and have a higher likelihood to trend. Out of the 1,000 or so ETFs available, Portfolio Prophet focuses on 87 or what we consider to be the best of the best. It was the best way for us to ensure that our students were given the best odds at pulling the maximum profit out of the market.

Sue from Sydney asks: Can I use this trading strategy for other ETFs not included as options in the course?

Absolutely you can, because we disclose to you in the course all of the trading rules. They are not difficult to understand and if you are so inclined you can apply those rules to any ETF or any stock for that matter.

Investing shouldn’t be as difficult as many have found it to be in recent years. The key to it all, is implementing an action oriented strategy that keeps you engaged and helps you avoid any potential pitfalls that arise along the way. The Portfolio Prophet does this, it is your personal financial advisor and best of all, it doesn’t charge a fee. I am thrilled about the positive energy that this product has brought forth from our students and non-students alike. I hope to see you again real soon during one of our upcoming Portfolio Prophet Student webinars. Until then, I wish you nothing but, Good Trading!

About the Creator: Bill Poulos has over 35 years of trading experience and is a trading educator with thousands of happy students from around the world and many success stories to his accolade. Established in 2001, he and his company have contributed much to development of the independent investor and trader within the Forex, Stocks and ETF markets. A retired automotive engineer, Bill holds a degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration, with a major in finance, and has been involved in trading since the year 1974.

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