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By in Forex Systems on November 24, 2019

Download this Pips 4 Idiots Trade Assistant FREE. Get this highly profitable Magic Breakout Forex Strategy by Tim Trush and Julie Lavrin plus this award winning Forex Trading System that made 1,306.5% in 1 month of Surefire Trading Challenge FREE. Before you head on over to collect that trade assistant, I just want to get you up to speed on what happening here. Go watch this short video and then you can pick up your free gift: This is seriously amazing news. It’s been a couple of years now that every body and their kid brother has been singing about robot this and robot that…but 90% of the time they’re falling to pieces, they just don’t work, you can’t even set them up or they work for a while and then lose all your money. Let’s forget all that for a second.

What the one major flaw that every robot has? Take a guess, come on? The biggest flaw is that it’s a robot! Go and look it up in the dictionary. It’s only going to do what we tell it to do, no more and no less. It doesn’t know what’s going to happen any more than we do. Even more than that…it’s only as good as the person who’s programmed it. Every single one of them are destined to fail. I can’t guarantee this, because this guy Joe Simpson hasn’t let the cat out of the bag yet…but I suspect that he’s taken the next logical step:

From what he says in this video it looks like he’s developed a machine that can think for itself and learn from its mistakes. My instinct was to call him and say “Hey Joe, Cyberdyne Systems called and they want their terminator back”…but I don’t think it’s going on a killing spree just yet…maybe just pips, but I haven’t seen a demo yet either. Whichever way you want to slice it, this has got to be the biggest news we’ve heard all year, if it all pans out, we’re all going to have more money than we can count. I’m really You can grab the TA after you’ve checked out the video. You don’t want to miss this! I’m writing to you for a very special reason today so I had to grab your attention somehow! Most people go absolutely crazy when you mention something free, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I once knew a guy who used $20 gas money to drive across town for a free $5 hula-girl lamp that he could’ve picked up at the store across his apartment. :)

Anyway, the free trade assistant is really there, but I want you to watch this video first: This guy Joe Simpson has really caught my attention with what he’s been talking about. Robots are junk! Think about it, I know I might sound like a bit of a hypocrite right now…but the way he explains it…you realize that it’s 100% true. They can’t think. They’re glorified EA’s that are simply programmed to act when certain conditions are met. Joe might’ve just solved this problem!

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