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By in Forex Systems on May 26, 2012

Watch this shocking Pip Trader PRO video by David Hassocks and download his forex software FREE. Get this Forex Profit Harvester System plus the Ten Minute Pip Snatcher System FREE. Pip Trader PRO FREE Forex Software…If you’ve been keeping on top of what’s happening in the Forex software market lately, you know there’s a TON of hype and false promises out there… And it’s no surprise, because marketers have realized the profits that can be made by selling USELESS software – and they’ve *taken over* the market like weeds.

That’s why I was so pleased the other day to see that at least one REAL trader, David Hassocks, is finally making himself heard to set the record straight. It’s a short, information-packed Pip Trader PRO video, and just for listening to what he has to say: he’s giving away his *PRIVATE* forex system that he uses daily to rake in 100s of pips for FREE so that his fellow traders don’t waste any more hard-earned money…

100s of pips daily with “automated signals”? The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this video was, “Crazy” (in a good way) Forex trader David Hassocks is back with a second Pip Trader PRO video, and like the first, this one’s a must-see:

Why? Because he’s not only holding open the door just a little longer on a couple great free tools that he’s GIVING away… he’s also giving an “inside look” at how his own REAL Pip Trader PRO signals plus trader copier perform LIVE. Pretty neat stuff.

There’s not much time left to get the good stuff for free, though, because word is it’s all getting pulled down within a day max… maybe as little as a few hours… to make room for something really big. So get yours right now before and make sure you keep tabs on what this guy is doing over the next few days.

The death of Forex “robots”? Make no mistake: I’m sure FX “robot” EA’s will be around for a long time… but if you’re as FRUSTRATED as most traders are with account-wrecking bots (and with tedious “signals” services)… David Hassocks’s just released a BRAND NEW way to trade forex automatically, with no EA involved… PLUS much less risk — and record gains up to $12,534.19 in a single 5-day trading week.

Trust me — I thought I had seen *everything* when it came to forex software… and I’d NEVER seen anything like this– this could easily be your “big break” if you’re serious about turning your trading around in 2012:

By the way… it’s strictly LIMITED, and David’s promised to pull this offer down as soon as soon as the spots are filled. Don’t miss out — there will be plenty of junk forex EA’s coming out this year, but you won’t see another opportunity like this…

Breakthrough “robot-free” FX software…Just in case you haven’t checked it out yet… veteran FX trader David Hassocks released Pip Trader Pro yesterday… and his software is already being called the first true “game changer” to hit the forex trading community in YEARS. (It’s NOT an EA “robot”… OR a “signals” service — it’s literally the “best of both worlds”)… and you’ve only got a little while longer to see it for yourself before David decides to pull it off the market for good.

The biggest question I’ve been getting about David Hassocks’s new “Pip Trader Pro” is… … “How is he doing it?” It’s a good question — after all, getting a top trader’s trades literally “cloned” into your account seems almost too good to be true… and fortunately David’s answering all those questions (and making what I think is an absolute “no brainer” offer) right here — check it out now, while it’s on your mind, because you DON’T want to miss out on this:

2012’s biggest FX trend (it’s NOT robots)…If you’ve tried trading with forex “robots”… you’re probably going to be glad to know they’re *on the way out*…If 2012 was the year of the robot EA… David Hassocks has already got a lot of top traders saying 2012 is the year of the “human edge” in forex.

That’s because the unique “third option” (besides robots and “manual” trading that he’s come out with in his all-new Pip Trader Pro is giving newbie traders (and experienced pro’s who’d rather let somebody else do their trading *for them*)…

… a way to get all the automation of a robot — and the superior trading performance of a real human trader making the calls (and if you’re thinking this must be some kind of “signals” service… trust me, David’s system makes these a thing of the past, just like robot EA’s. But the catch is, unlike robots or signals services, there’s only a limited number of spots available, so if you’re at all serious about making 2012 your “breakthrough year” in forex, you OWE it to yourself to check this Pip Trader PRO out now!

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    Pip Trader pro is a scam. Suspended by Clickbank today.
    I applied for a refund after getting a dodgy EA when I was expecting a Trade Copier that traded “David Hassocks” trades.
    Clickbank gave a refund in a hour and later suspended them.

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    Pips Robot

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