How To Trade AAPL And GOOG Stock Binary Options And Make Upto $201,450 Per Month!

By in Day Trading on April 30, 2019

Try the STRIKER9 PRO Binary Options System that can make upto $201K per month trading GOOG and AAPL binary options. Watch these 3 Portfolio Prophet FREE Presentations that show how to trade ETFs in about 10 minutes a week. Discover a Stock Trading Strategy that can turn $2K into $1.7M in about 1.9 years and download the Insider Secrets of Successful Traders Report FREE that has been downloaded more than 37,000 times. If you have been trading stocks before this is a unique way to profit from the volatility in two stocks GOOG and AAPL. GOOG is the symbol for Google Stock that is right now selling for $576.71 per share. AAPL is the symbol for the Apple Inc Stock that is right now selling for $351.99. Do you want to profit daily from the volatility in these two stocks? If so then read on!

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Chris Kunnundro has developed the STRIKER9 PRO Binary Options System that trades the AAPL and GOOG stock BOs and profits from the daily volatility in these two stocks by making the correct bets on their prices. On average this system makes about $50K per month but based on the system past performance, if you increase your position size, you can make upto a whopping $201,450 per month.

Stock binary options are a new phenomenon that many day traders are slowly becoming familiar now. Suppose, you want to trade GOOG. Right now, it is priced at $576.71 per share. But you think that in the next hour this price can go to $585 per share. You make a bet with the GOOG stock binary options contract by paying a premium suppose $20.

Now, if on the expiry of the next hour, GOOG price does end up above $585 per share let’s say $586, you get a payoff of $100. On the other hand, if the GOOG price ends up below $585 say $580 per share, you get a payoff of $0 in addition to that you lose your initial investment of $20. So, in case you win, you make a NET PROFIT of $80 and incase you lose, you make a loss of $20.

Now, suppose, you had bought 20 contracts of GOOG stock BOs. In case, you had made the correct bet, you would have made $1,600 in just one hour. And in case, you had made the wrong bet, you would have lost $400.

This is how you are going to make money with binary options. STRIKER9 PRO is a professional binary options system. You can view the detailed system performance per month on the site of STRIKER9 PRO. Chris Kunnundro is committed to providing you with full coaching and mentoring on how to trade binary options. He gives you 30 days money back guarantee. What this means is that you can take a RISK FREE trial of this system for 30 days on your demo account. If it doesn’t work for you go for a refund.

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