How To Setup A Forex Trading Strategy

By in Intro to Forex on July 22, 2019

Trading currencies can be a daunting task. A trader should have a proved strategy, keep the situation under control to avoid losses. Here you can see five tips that can help you to work out a successful and effective strategy.

1. Define your schedule
The forex is a 24 hour market and it makes it to be flexible. If you have a couple of free hours per week that you can allot then use a long term trading strategy. This will be the most suitable for you. If then you will decide to make forex trading your full time job, then you can use a day trading strategy. Nonetheless, bear in mind that some markets on forex are only open a few hours a day.

2. Define your time frame
It can be difficult to find the right time frame especially if you rely on technical analysis very much. Tokens often give different signals on various time frames. And here you can start experimenting. Try to trade in various time frames to feel what you are comfortable with the most. If you are an active trader, then small time frames will be right for you. The one hour, four hour, and daily time frames are suitable mostly for swing traders. Longer time frame can be applied to estimate the overall trend of the market or to make the long term trading decisions.

There is one important thing to be considered when selecting a time frame. It is stopping loss and position size. You will use a smaller stop loss on smaller time frames. Using smaller stop loss will allow you to raise your position size for the same risk.

3. Define your entry and exit
Your entry signal will trigger a trade. In the forex most traders rely on technical analysis for their entry signals. In this case it is recommended to have some basic rules before defining at what point you should not make a trade. For example, you will want to prevent any trade during news release. You may want to only trade the breakouts.

4. – Manage Risk
This is the most vital tip when it comes to forex trading. To manage your risk is to define your value at risk. It is the maximum amount that you can allow yourself to lose. When setting a stop loss and a position size, you can define your value at risk.

5 – Test your strategy
It is significant to test your strategy on a demo account and it should be done over an extensive span of time (from several weeks to several months). Control every trade and track your progress when you proceed. Try to understand why some of your trades were profitable and others were not. Learn to control your emotions when trading as this is the main obstacle many traders come across. To be a successful trader you should learn to overcome your emotions.

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