How To Make Money Fast Online Using Forex (Longer Time Frames)

By in Intro to Forex on June 28, 2020

You should understand that you will get a clearer picture of the market if you use the power of more extensive time frames. Moreover, you will discover that they perform the role of filters by leveling the price changes that always happen in forex trading. This information will not give you something new, as it is just random noise.

You should understand that when you apply time frames of shorter duration that this noise problem gets intensified significantly. Expert general opinion will tell you that any time frame of less than 1 hour will not be beneficial to you because of noise condition.

When you first begin trading at currency market, avoid the popular mistake which most newbie traders commit. They focus on time-frames of short duration. Of course you should be an expert trader before you start gaining big profits from the short time frames, so leave this for savvy traders only. You will see that statistics is not on your side if you trade short time frames as they show the most profitable trades apply the bigger time frames. Daily, weekly and monthly time frames are the most preferable.

In the end, you should try to implement a 4 hr chart into your trading method, but you are recommended to start your trading by applying the daily and weekly charts first. You will see that you can make consistent revenues from using just daily and weekly charts.

You should understand that you can sabotage your own forex efforts by using trading rules that are wrong. For example, if you begin your forex career by trading time-frames that are shorter than 1 hour, then you will see that your results can be frustrating. If you need trade the short time frames, then make sure that you get the right guidance and training from a trading mentor.

If trading on your own, you should focus on every day and weekly charts from the onset of your trading career. Besides, you will give yourself a chance for learning the difficult aspects of forex movements. Besides, you can try various key parameters just to define which one the most effective for you.
You should owe a trading strategy that will give you high quality entry points for new trading opportunities. You will see that the higher the time frame that you use the more reliable signals you will get. You will also see that those made by 4 hr or 1 hr time frame are less reliable than those made by daily or weekly time frame.

You will see that many professionals use the 4 hr charts or even 1hr charts to modify entry or exit rules for their trades after using their trading plans that owe particular entry and exit rules which are based on weekly or daily charts.

Nonetheless, you are suggested to create a trading strategy that use the daily charts or above to give signals for both your entry and exit points. You will see that this approach will be less stressful and will produce regular revenues.

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