Home Run Gold Trader That Turned $1.6K Into $1.4 Million In 5 Months Trading Part Time In The Night

By in Trading Strategies on December 31, 2017

Watch these amazing Home Run Gold Trader FREE Presentations plus the Cash Flow Trader FREE Presentations that reveals a simple indicator that accurately measure the buy/sell pressure on a stock. Great news. By now you know about Andy Man’s stellar performance in 2011. He turned $1,600 into over $1.4 million in 5 months, and he paid himself a $329,260 income from his trading account. All while trading part-time and working his full-time job as an engineer. Well, starting tomorrow, Andy will start sharing his trades as he makes them in the market.

Plus, Andy AND the man who taught him how to trade, Mike Ser, are going to mentor you to trade their system, and improve your trading. They will basically be handholding a small group of traders who want to trade like Andy. Remember, Andy is trading a variation of the strategy responsible for one rags to riches story after another.

Stories like: Richard, who started trading at age 19, borrowed $1,600 to start trading and became a millionaire by the time he was 26.

The 52-year-old contractor who went from making $50,000 a year in a full time job, to making millions from his $11,000 trading account.

And, the trader who started with about $5,000. He ended up with $15 million 12 years later by using the same basic approach.

Starting tomorrow, Andy and Mike are going to share it for the first time with a small group of traders. 180,000 traders will be invited to take a TRIAL of Andy’s system. Only the first 250 will get this deal… You will be able to try both Andy’s system, and the coaching and mentoring program that goes along with.

BUT- over 180,000 traders will get the same invitation tomorrow to learn, train AND trade with Andy and Mike. The first 250 traders who pull the trigger on their membership will be getting a special charter member discount—something like 75% off the annual membership fee.

So if you’re interested in giving it a shot, watch tomorrow morning. You don’t want to pay more because you put it off. I’m not sure if Andy’s system is for you, only you can decide that. Obviously, his returns were spectacular this year. If you’re considering it, then make an informed decision. The only way to do that is to make sure you watch both of Mike’s presentations. If you haven’t, here they are for you to review:

Video #1: Overview Of This Rags to Riches Strategy. This gave you the big picture of how Andy turned $1,600 into $1.4 million in 5 months in 2011. Including the “Trader’s Triple Threat”—the three elements all those traders use to turn tiny amounts of money into million dollar fortunes fast. They all trade similar methods, markets and money management approaches. Click here to watch it.

Video #2: Andy Man’s “Million Dollar Method” Explained. In this video, Mike gave you simple, practical, and technical details about how to implement Andy’s trading method, and Andy took you through the trades that made him a millionaire. If you ask me, those 250 spots are going to disappear in a matter of hours.

Bill Poulos: On a scale of 1 – 10, how confident are you in the trades you place every day? If you’re not in that 8-10 range, then I want you to see this…It’s another really well done video by Andy (The engineer I told you about a few days ago) who’s been trading gold and silver to surprisingly good results. Andy’s results with this system were not just handed to him. He had to do his part and stick to the trading system he laid out for himself, and that takes… you guessed it… Confidence.

Becoming a great trader is NOT like regular careers. There is no corporate ladder you need to climb. There is no one, single trading strategy all traders MUST follow. If you look at top traders, you’ll find a huge variety of methods, strategies and mind sets.

Trading is not a one size fits all endeavor. Your success rests purely on your own shoulders. That idea can be liberating, or it can be terrifying. The difference is largely in your own mind set. And if you’re not confident in your ability to trade successfully, then Mike Ser, Andy’s trading coach and mentor, asks that you:

Please do not trade Andy’s method.
Please do not use leverage with any trades you do make.
Please do not risk money you are not ready to lose.

At the end of the day, Mike, a turnaround expert for traders, has some advice; you won’t be able to succeed as a trader until you can confidently execute your trades according to whatever system you follow. If you’re interested in becoming a successful trader like Andy did, then go ahead and watch the video. Be sure, however, that you’re confident enough in your abilities to actually trade it before you ever risk a dime. Go here to see if Andy’s method is going to work for you.

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