Getting Started In Forex Trading – Three Steps For Beginners

By in Day Trading on July 20, 2020

So you are planning to get your feet wet in Forex trading. You already understand that it is one of the most risky forms of investing. You own investment capital to risk and are not going to be employing your monthly food budget to trade. Appropriate time to follow the market daily has been set aside.

Study a bit first! This is probably the largest mistake beginning forex traders make. Such traders form the immense majority of the 95% of all traders who fail. Before you even hazard one cent or even open an account with a forex trading take the time to read some books or enter in an online course about currency trading. You need not learn all the intrinsic details of every trading scheme. I am talking about the basis. Main aspects of the market, how the charts work and what the symbols mean. The common terminology and slang used among traders. Long vs short, pips, spread, margin etc. By learning all such fundamentals you will be prepared when you start to trade. You need to be confident in your knowledge if you want to perform appropriate decisions. There is no “pause for added research” button in live forex trading.

Understand and cultivate a “wining trader” mindset. Broker can be quite taxing on the emotions leading to incorrect decisions and losing trades. It is essential to be prepared for these emotions and have schemes accessible before hand to hold them in check. The currency traders are the ones who have the capability to function in the market arena separate from mighty emotions. There are all sorts of resources accessible to help you realize this aspect.

Practice, practice, practice! This is listed third for a reason. Not ready would be forex traders who begin immediately dabbling with a practice account may become overwhelmed quickly. Trying to figure it out on the fly is difficult or nearly impossible. The practice account is where you apply the fundamentals of what you have studied in the first two steps. Working unprepared is like joining a boxing school and starting out sparing with a champion on your first day. You should look at this practice as a mental version of self defense training. You hone the skill set until it becomes automatic when it is indeed needed. If you have prepared yourself you will learn fast the way the market functions. You will then be better able to afford the lessons studied from practice and adjust your schemes accordingly with little second guessing. Many successful forex trading will tell you that they worked for months before they ever invest one dime in the trading. This is a successful approach!

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