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By in Day Trading on May 6, 2019

Watch this Fast Track To Options Success that shows how to open a $50,000 options paper trading account. Turn $200 into $100K in just 1 month with this FREE Penny Stock Trading Report that shows how to find killer penny stocks. Watch this shocking 30 minutes Stock Trading video just now. Brett Fogle with Options University: TONIGHT at 9pm est, Options University will be hosting the first in a series of free weekly education webinars designed to keep you up to speed on the most current and effective options trading strategies and cutting edge-tactics, available today.

We realize that a continued education in the options trading field is crucial to the professional development and success of any trader. Our new education series will take place every Wednesday night and is free to all current Options University subscribers. Why? Because we are committed to providing the best options education possible to help our students become better options traders. Tonight’s webinar will focus on Directional Options Strategies and will cover topics including:

– How to make money with stocks, with regard to a directional move
– How to better provide cost efficiency and less risk while increasing the probability for profit
– How to combine more than one option into a position

There is no need to register for this webinar. In this live education webinar, you will learn why most investors are directional traders, mostly trying to make money in the stock market by identifying stocks they think will move in a direction…usually up. However, there are several better, more effective ways of taking advantage of directional movements in the stock market by using options which you will learn later in the series as well.You can learn a few of those ways during tonight’s free weekly education webinar.

Matthew “Whiz” Buckley, Chief Strategy Officer, Fox3 Options / Options University: Greg Loehr, Fox3 Options trader, just released a time-sensitive video trade alert on GLD. CNBC Fast Money trader Jared Levy is about to finish teaching his 6-week course on Advanced options trading. During the course, Jared racked up an impressive 10.75% return in one month, or $10,744 in the model portfolios, but that’s not the important point.

Many of you expressed interest in being able to get access to Jared and our other professional traders in the live trading services without having to attend the training sessions. Some of you felt you already knew the mechanics of trading but saw the tremendous value of getting to interact directly with traders like Jared. We couldn’t agree more that spending time with these great traders is the best way to improve anyone’s trading.

Our traders love getting to spend hours per week interacting with our pros through our live trading sessions and discussion forums called ‘The Ready Room’ on the member site. Next week we’ll be inviting people to interact with Jared and some of our other professional traders on a live trading environment, but for now we wanted to give you a sense for how they think and how they operate in this volatile market.

Greg Loehr, a Fox3 Options trader, just released a time-sensitive video trade alert on GLD. We invite you to watch this to get a feel for how Greg thinks and trades. We’re not asking for anything in return. You don’t even have to enter your email address. Just watch Greg. Decide for yourself whether Greg’s latest trade idea will be a winner or not. Pay close attention to the discipline and risk management he employs. If you like what you see, we know you’ll come back to Fox3 Options for more.

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