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By in Forex Systems on May 6, 2011

Download this Winners Edge Trading Forex Power Indicator FREE. Watch these shocking Forex Trader PRO 2.0 videos. Try FX Original RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account. Forex Indicators get tons of attention on forex trading websites. The crazy thing about that is that most of them don’t even work. Maybe that is why most traders lose money. Casey Stubbs from Winners Edge Trading is giving away a tool that he is calling the Power Indicator, but it is not really an indicator at all, it is a tool that finds trades based on POWER trends. He started giving it away yesterday and since he did traders have been climbing all over themselves to get a hold of this. I thought I would share it with you now, so you can get it for yourself and take advantage of the trend, which any good trader knows will increase profits.

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The Power Indicator shows you the strongest trends on 4 different time frames. It also shows you the top 5 pairs based on each time frame. Don’t pass this up because he is not going to have it up long. Check Out The Power Indicator Today…Casey has a short instruction video after you optin to get the Power Indicator. I recommend watching the entire video because he shows you how he takes trades using the Power Indicator and shares some other surprises as well.

These days you see some pretty glamorous looking numbers being thrown around in the FX circles. The only problem is that any trader worth his salt can smell the B.S. a mile away…1000% in 3 months? The kind of risk necessary to pull off something like that is NEVER a good idea…but some people just can’t resist. Easy come, easy go. If you’re looking for something that will protect your investment and still give you solid growth, here’s what you want:

FxOriginal is a completely new take on the idea of an expert advisor. It was created to emulate the trading methodology of a MANUAL trader, but in an automatic environment. Let’s face it, everyone knows that you can’t really beat good old fashioned manual trading when it comes to risk management. That’s why this group of professional traders have painstakingly crafted this EA by pouring in their combined knowledge into one meticulously crafted piece of software. There’s no hype, no over-inflated B.S. returns and NO “We’ll make you a millionaire in 5 minutes” promises.

What you’ve got here is a rock-solid, long term investment strategy for the kind of trader that wants to grow his account the smart way. With moderate risk factors, you’re looking a 300% returns per annum. Now, that might not sound as big and flashy as some of the riskier alternatives out there…but considering that it’s 100 times better than you’re going to make by leaving your money in the bank…it’s really the best option you can get if you want to start letting your money work for you.

It’s a completely hands free solution and the ultra low risk factors mean this is more like forex ‘investing’ than forex trading. Take a look at the the LIVE accounts that they’ve got available. There’s investor access as well, so you can login for yourself and scrutinize these accounts. It’s steady and consistent. This is what trading SHOULD be like. Anything else is like gambling. These guys are not marketers so don’t expect anything flashy. They’re traders…and this is just pure trading!

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