ForexMentorPRO FREE Video Pinpoint 100 Pip Moves With Almost Zero Drawdown!

By in Trading Strategies on January 18, 2018

Learn how to trade on the daily and 4 hour charts with the Forex Mentor PRO! Try Stealth Forex Signals by Scott Robinson who makes $2 million per year RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Marc Walton on Forex Mentor PRO training system that you can try for only $4.97 for the next 7 days RISK FREE: *Free Video* Pinpoint 100 pip Moves With Almost Zero Drawdown! Its every traders dream to be able to catch big 100 pip moves with tiny risk. I am talking about being so accurate that it’s not uncommon to have just 3-5 pips drawdown on the trade… Well this is no longer a dream. In fact it’s surprisingly simple to do once you have a little practice at locating what Dean calls ‘Power Levels’.

Dean just finished creating this killer video for the members of his Forex Mentor pro group. The video explains in detail exactly how to locate these levels and milk them for mega pips time and time again. Usually this kind of powerful stuff is locked away from public view in Forex Mentor Pro private members area! This video is almost 20 minutes long so grab a your favorite beverage and get comfortable. Once you get the hang of these levels your trading will go to a new level!

Trading Power Levels For 100 Pip Moves (Live Trade Video)…I received so much great feedback from the last video I sent you about ‘power levels’ that I just knew you would *need* to see this new video. This video by Dean just reiterates the fact that these ‘Power Levels’ work with deadly accuracy, once mastered you can literally pinpoint these moves days in advance!

The first part of this video is taken from the ‘Daily Analysis’ which goes out to all our Forex Mentor Pro members. The second part shows the result of that Analysis. I am living proof this Forex Mentor PRO method works. My brief story of how I came to be trading Forex is not that dissimilar to many of my students.

After 20 plus years of owning my own business and employing over twenty staff, the stresses of running my own business working long hours with no time for my family got too much and I moved with my family to the Canary Islands to make a new life in the sun. After five years, my savings were diminishing rapidly and I knew I needed to make some cash to keep up the lifestyle I had grown to love.

I scoured the Internet and wasted hours of time and approximately $20.000 on get rich quick schemes to no avail. Because I`m a persistent person, I then went it alone and I now generate a serious, full time income (more than when I had the 20 staff)! a month via trading Forex.

Nowadays my goal is to educate people my tried and tested methods via my membership site forex mentor pro. My only wish is that there was a product like this 3 years ago when I had started out!! Whatever you decide to do online and whatever path you choose may I wish you the best of luck.

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