Forex Trading: Force Of Mental Rehearsal

By in Intro to Forex on February 20, 2021

“The purpose of mentally is to practice the skills, to remove psychological obstacles which arise on your way and prevent to be assured. The capture of responsibility for the thoughts means to choose, what to think and how to act instead of blindly reacting to events round you”.
Ken Ravizza and Tom Hanson

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If you can’t trade consistently in real life, you can make it in the imagination. It is easy to do correct things when it isn’t connected with money. Without unexpectedness and intensity of real trade, you can learn to follow the rules in the brain. Thus, you create experience on which you can rely in real trade. Mental rehearsal becomes so effective experience, as well as real trade.

Allow me to tell to you about one registered experiment which is conducted by psychologist Alan Richardson. The students playing basketball have been divided into three groups and their capabilities of hit in a basket are tested rather. One group has received the instruction to train every day within a month. To other group have told mentally to imagine, as they throw a ball in a basket within thirty minutes every day throughout the same month and to the third group have told nothing to do, not to think at all of it.

A month later the first group which was engaged in real physical trainings has improved average results on 32 %. The group which did mental training has improved average results on 31 %. Results of the third group remained at former level.

I tried to improve in a similar way my game in tennis, doing mental training. It is not easy to allocate a lot of time for real training in New York, therefore I did it in the brain. Then, when I left to play on court, I have been so ready and as trained as any opponent who played regularly. Sometimes I even have been better prepared. Eventually, in my brain there were no bad blows, any unexpectedness. I could fulfill all blows consistently. I didn’t develop any bad habits. And when I left to play, I was completely ready.

My clients do the same kind of mental rehearsal concerning the trade. They consistently trade, following the rules, taking losses and profit, in view of a long-term picture when they mentally rehearse.

Mental rehearsal differs from trade on educational accounts. Trade on educational accounts is led on real market action. It is the useful tool to understand the trading methods and to check up profitableness of a method, but it doesn’t develop at the trader a capability to real trade. It actually, acts very much the other way. The trader learns to observe and has immunity to risk simply comfortably. Too long trade on the educational account teaches the person to remain off side. He becomes “the sports fan”.

On the contrary, mental rehearsal allows you to present accepting of transactions and to accept that the market giving to you. You represent your definitive long-term success even if you accept time losses and recessions. You support confidence as you build the confidence. You build the confidence as you build the skills. You build experience of consecutive accomplishment of correct things. Then, when you trade actually, you have support and experience of that effectively traded.

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