Forex Trading: Fear In Trade Final Part

By in Intro to Forex on April 7, 2021

The desire replaces fear

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“It is an unfortunate condition of a brain when you have few things which wish and many things which you are afraid of”. Francis Bacon

One of antidotes against fear is a desire. Desire redirect concentration of a brain from what we don’t want that there was that happened what we really want.

As our emotions are the answer to thought on which we concentrate our attention creates corresponding emotions. Our attention can create boredom or curiosity, regret or pleasure, affliction or gratitude, criticism or a pardon, excitement or anxiety etc.

There are many methods to direct our attention. Probably, easiest way consists in choosing questions which we to ourselves set. Questions not only change a thought direction, but they mean the true underlying a question.

Mary Nathan has been trained by its instructor to very effective method of trade in the exchange market. She has studied process and traded on the demo account. Results of trade were extremely good.

When time has come to trade on the real account, Mary began to be nervous strongly. It is not surprising that its first transaction contained an error. She has sold the Swiss franc. When she has received a signal to close a position, she has sold again. (It is a usual error for the beginners, aspiring to leave a short position. Eventually, if you want to get rid of something, you sell it. But, not when you in a short position, truly!)

As movement has ended and the trend direction has changed, Mary has doubled the position. And she at all didn’t know it! By then, when she has found out the error, its profit has turned to loss. Naturally, it has upset her.

After that, when it has gone to trade again, Mary has heard a weak internal voice “that if you lose?” The question has been set, and it has followed it. That if she began to trade further and the loss pain has felt. In the imagination she has actually tested loss and has believed to it. As a result of it she sat in front of the computer day after day, intending to trade, having completely adjusted to trade, but never did more than traded on the educational account. As results of trade were good, Mary felt repentance and fault for the dropped transactions.

She became sharply critical in relation to herself – “what will happen to me?”

Again the question has misled her. She began to connect more and more all occurring with herself. Daily frustration and a self-condemnation made her cry and have lowered its self-appraisal. Trying very much, she all the same couldn’t trade.

Mary has been adjusted to trade on the system. She very insistently wanted to make it. But she hasn’t made it. When the desire aspires to do one thing, and the imagination assumes contrast, the imagination wins each time. And the stronger desire, the bigger advantage has imagination.

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