Forex Trading: Begin With Yourself Part 1

By in Forex Trading on March 18, 2019

All of us have grown on proverbs. Try again and again while it will not turn out to be the true. And it looked as useful, good piece of advice. But I would assume that attempt has also a negative component. Allow me to ask you. You try to stop trade on your account? You try to cease to fluctuate before entering the market? You try to cease to struggle with a series of losses of transactions instead of simply leaving? You try to follow the rules of trade?

The sense is reduced to it. If you try, you won’t succeed. When someone says to you that he will try to come to you for a party you know for certain that he will not come. Remember children’s story about small train which could? It has told, “I think that I can. I think that I can”. At last, small train has told, I thought that I could. I thought that I could. The success has come to small train which has undertaken action.

What is the meaning of these attempts, what as seems, work against us? The first determination of the Oxford English dictionary for a word “attempt” is connected to try, undertake effort to make something. Probably, the effort or attempt don’t consider success, and is faster some struggle.

One of my clients has told to me that he was in the habit to try not to jam in the losing transaction, not to struggle against the market. And still he invariably refused to close, from time to time a losing position and got to a situation when struggled against own indicators not to have the losing transaction or losing day. Its losses became greater and greater and he finished with such loss of which he originally and didn’t think. Now, he says that he doesn’t try, and he doesn’t do it.

Thanks to our work, something has changed for this client. Its intentions have changed. Its level of confidence has risen. Its belief has changed. Its perception has changed. Its involuntary reaction to the losing transaction or losing day became other. He interpreted the losing transaction or losing day simply enough that no massive problem in it is present. He still remained the competent trader who continues to win.

Small train which could become assured of the capability to reach hill top, it intended to succeed, it perceived a trip on hill top as a possible adventure.

If you try and don’t succeed in some aspect of the trade, don’t try again. Make something in another way. Change the interpretations. Change belief. Change your main principles. Dare to feel in another way concerning consequences of behavior which you try to make or not to make. What, if you can become the small trader who can? What, if you can become the big trader?

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