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By in Day Trading on November 28, 2020

Take the 30 days RISK FREE trial of the Forex Science with James de Wet. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Download the Advent Forex Course by Cecil Robles worth $2,000 FREE. Chris: How you can beat them…Do you think that constantly hearing that 95% of all traders fail, benefits your mindset? We all know Trading Forex is difficult and a large majority of traders fail. The fact is there are thousands of traders that do succeed. That’s the information you need.

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You need to be more selective of the information that you allow yourself to process. You need to build a database, a data base of positive re-enforcement that will crush those doubts before they take hold – not nurture them. Where does one get these references? Well, take a look at someone like James to start with. He helps out literally hundreds of traders each day in the market. Each and every day at the close of trading, he asks his clients for feedback – Who made money – How much – How they doing for the month etc. Here you will hear plenty of success stories that will inspire you, and that will in no time, prove your old doubts wrong.

Look in the right places. Hang with the right people. And you will get plenty positive reinforcement. Your reality is based on your interpretation of information. Look at the wrong information, and that reality will always drag you down. Look in the right places and you will defy those old doubts. Enough positive information will build a completely new reality – a reality that will help build your confidence, not continuously erode away at it with niggling doubts.

Get the data. Do something, get feedback, keep doing it, get better at it, get feedback all along the way, and see what the data says. Put your doubts to test, let them be disproven. And when the results finally come in, and you know what reality really looks like, be proud of yourself for at least putting the doubts to test.

Try this exercise for the next month. Right now, go and get James’s FREE TRIAL and change your mindset forever. .. Go the extra mile and spend your holidays giving your Traders Mindset a complete overhaul. Simple Trading Video to follow shortly

It’s me who is my enemy
Me who beats me up
Me who makes the monsters
Me who strips my confidence.
~Paula Cole

I sent you an email earlier today re the T24 going offline and being replaced by the new improved TFD Alert Service, James has just opened it up, so now I have the link for you below…Only $99 now and $49 monthly (You can cancel immediately any time. 30 Day money- back guarantee…Once you have signed up, here’s what you can expect:

1. A three hour (recorded) live training session – how to trade Forex TFD
2. Live Alerts for every single TFD trade at 6am GMT daily (only several trades weekly)
3. The exclusive rights to obtain the COMPLETE TFD system in 12 month’s time!

Join the Forex TFD program now! Earlier email copy…Hi Guys, sorry wasn’t paying attention today (Monday Morning). I see James is actually closing down his T24 alert service and replacing it with the more improved TFD Alert System. So to all my clients who are members of the T24 service please make sure you go to this page immediately and switch over or you will miss out. For those that are not following this service. I strongly recommend you grab yourself spot. James loves to shut the door quickly when he launches a new service so he can focus on those clients.

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