Forex Profit Predictor And CPO Cycle Projection Oscillator Fresh New Look!

By in Forex Systems on March 8, 2012

Watch this latest Forex Profit Predictor FREE video released by Derek Frey where he reveals some new additions to the Cycle Projection Oscillator (CPO) that will enhance it’s capacity manifold to predict the future direction of the market with high accuracy. Meet PRO Commodity Trader Josh Mitchell and discover his gold and silver trading system that turned $1K into $978K in 12 months. This is a gold and silver trend trading robot that you can try RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account.

Skeptical of new Forex Systems? Fresh NEW look at Forex Profit Predictor (MT4 Video)…A few weeks ago we told you about a revolutionary new FX trading system called the Forex Profit Predictor and the Cycle Projection Oscillator. The Forex Profit Predictor System predicts and forecasts Forex future direction so well, it completely SOLD OUT just a few short weeks ago… We’ve just learned that they’re about to re-open the program to a limited number of new Forex traders, but first they wanted to let everyone know about some new important developments. Over the past few weeks they have made the system EVEN BETTER by:

– Adding expanded timeframes (New ‘Short Term’ and ‘Long Term’ Timeframes).

– Creating an MT4 friendly version for all timeframes by popular demand.

– Enabling SMS and email trade alerts to assist in getting you trades faster.

One of the most exciting features out of all of these is the newly updated FPP MT4 platform which veteran trader Derek Frey highlights in this 3 minute video below. I would highly recommend you watch this real trader show this system! Here’s what a couple of FPP users had to say over the past few weeks:

“For me the program is a perfect fit, as it gives me the confidence I didn’t have before that my entries will actually work. It has already saved me from a bad reversal that nothing else I use could have predicted.”

Marc V.H. – Idaho

“Thanks for your coaching! I’m understanding much better what to look for in the CPO and MSI charts! Before the FPP class on Monday morning, I saw the potential to Sell EURUSD and placed a trade — and you discussed the SAME trade later in class. The trade was successful and profited 28 pips!”

-Christen W. – Arizona

Watch it in action here (and how the CPO has performed recently): Leave your name and email address under the video to see the next 2 videos where FX trader Derek Frey will be showing actual live examples of trades that traders could have taken advantage of with this system. Derek is also going to show a recently opened trading account with real money to show that the system is working, and you don’t need a lot of capital to start with (he’s started with just $500).

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